Tuesday, May 21, 2013

where i’ve been.

turns out, once you kind of give in to letting the blogging slide…it becomes easier and easier to let the blogging slide.

the weeks have been full—typical end of the school year stuff like art shows and chorus concerts.


typical spring outdoor stuff like putting in ponds and ordering 10 tons of rock (eek!)


don’t be fooled by the mindtrick that is this picture—ten tons of rock is a LOT of rock.

then of course there’s our other typical spring routine…


more casting for our tiny tim. seems like it gets just a little harder each time. this time, for her week in a long leg cast, we broke down and rented a wheelchair. that cast is heavy and by the end of a day on crutches she was in pain—both her leg/foot and arms. but we made it ten days and had her followup yesterday…


cast number 38, and YAY for short leg casts you can walk on!!! (the crutches were temporary because her leg is pretty sore for a while after the old cast comes off). this guy will be on for two weeks, then fitted for new braces and casted for about 4 more weeks while we wait for the braces. so she’s going to be casted through the end of the school year and into the beginning of summer. :o( bummer.

i’ve had my own issues, too. some health concerns are necessitating a switch off my current meds and over to new medication. the truth is i haven’t been “right” since elliot was born. my body knew that, and i knew that, but it’s taken me until now to convince the doctors of that. the numbers on the tests are starting to bear out what i’ve been saying for a long time now, so they’re listening. unfortunately that’s the time and place we live in—doctors put more stock in numbers on paper than on what you say about how you’re feeling. but whatever. i’m not holding a grudge. i’m just hopeful that in the next few weeks i’ll have some answers.



there’s been sewing. lots and lots of sewing, actually. and even some crocheting (gasp! that’s a winter hobby!)


all things i’m going to share soon.

also, i’m honored to be a part of this again this year--


woohoo! coming in june! pretty sure i know what i’m doing…just have to, err…do it. ;0)

you may remember my contribution last year—my maxi dress.


why not check out some of the other tutorials from last year HERE? you know, to tide you over until i get my act together and start posting something besides random collections of…randomness entirely illustrated by photos stolen from my instagram feed. hehe.


les filles nagent. (did i mention we’ve decided to learn french as a family? you know…cause we’re bored.)

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