Monday, May 6, 2013

the water house

do you get that fear, just before leaving for a well-anticipated vacation, that it’s not going to be what you hoped? that the weather will disappoint, the kids will bicker too much, the location will be a bust?

i’m sure i’m not the only one. and as we packed up to leave for our long weekend at the house in the woods i told jeremy how scared i was that this trip wasn’t going to be the relaxing, family-building excursion i had built up in my head.

boy was i wrong.

water house44

it was everything we hoped.

sure, the kids fought some. but not too much. and the dishwasher on the house broke and leaked all over the kitchen floor, but whatever. and harrison had four ticks on him, but we found them all.

the plus column just kept racking up more and more. so the minuses didn’t bother us quite so much.

the kids woke up every morning and headed outside. they spent the days exploring the stream—mostly in their underwear. that’s how secluded it was. their inner jungle babies awoke, and for four days it was the epitome of every childhood fantasy and children’s book ever written.

water house35

water house13

the house is set all by itself back in the woods. it was the cabin i had dreamed of finding—not a house in a Lakeside Community (rec center! pool! neighbors on both sides!) of which there are many in the pocono mountain area. this was steps from water—and ages from everyone else.

water house43

you know it’s gonna be good when this is your driveway.

water house21

water house41

no hipster-decor faux deer head  here. the real stuffed and furry deal hanging in our little cabin.

water house42

you park on one side of the stream then cross a footbridge to the other bank where the house is. no electronics was the rule—the ipods/pads/tablets/tvs all were banned, and even any cell phone usage was relegated to the far end of the footbridge—the only place you could really pick up much of a signal.

water house16

the stream itself was perfection. little “rapids” right under the bridge were like a constant song. the large calm area in front of us ranged from ankle deep to about 2’…just right for exploring with no fear.

water house18

water house15

they canoed and laughed and skipped rocks and laughed and fished and laughed.

water house1

by the end of the day we were hungry and tired—but the good kind of hungry and tired that comes from long days in the sunshine and fresh air. we hit the food store our first day, list in hand, and overpaid for 4 days worth of meals. gotta love little grocery stores in little towns. half pound of butter? that’ll be $5 thankyouverymuch. whatever.

water house37

i’m pretty sure she spent the better part of all four days like this—tossing rocks into the water.

we walked out the door and hiked. left or right—didn’t matter. the scenery was gorgeous in either direction. we were having An Adventure. an adventure in forest that almost looked like it was created by walt disney.

water house19

we did breakfast in jammies, lunch in panties, dinner in sweats out by the stream. roasting marshmallows, playing game after game of movie charades and 20 questions that had us all laughing hard.

water house28

dinner cooked over an open fire, s’mores until we were ready to burst, rock skipping contests until your arms were sore and your belly hurt from laughing.


water house25


i’m learning how much i’m enjoying older children—the kind that you can have a conversation with, and play games with—beyond candy land and memory.

water house9water house10water house11

elliot is not a fan of the group photo.

we learned elliot is a born boater. no fear, she sat still and content on the little canoe. “ma boat, mommy! ma boat!”

water house2

we learned guinevere has lots of her mother’s and opa’s genetics—and can spent hoouuuurrrrrs reading.

water house27

we learned ava is perfectly content to strip down to nothing and be free in the forest. “panties ON!” became our war cry. you’ve gotta draw the line somewhere, right?

water house22

we learned gigi…well, she’s gigi. and there’s no learning gigi because she’s constantly surprising you. did you pee your pants? she asked jeremy as they played, because i heard something squirting.

water house32

we learned harrison has a terrible fear of ticks, no matter how much i tried downplaying how very much they FREAK ME OUT. kids pick up on that sort of thing, you know.
 water house4

he is clearly not afraid of dead crawdads

the very first day he was the only one to venture to what later became known as Tick Island. it rightly became a no-man’s-land for the rest of the weekend.

the smaller island in our stream was christened Hava Island, claimed by harrison and ava—replete with leaf and stick flag planted proudly.

water house39

Hava Island. not much to explore.

i can add other things here, pedantic thoughts like how the weather was perfect and there were virtually no bugs (the benefits of going in early may). or i can be more poetic and say how i couldn’t get enough of the sound of the twigs and pine needles crackling under my feet as i walked, and how the moss on the rocks was like a springy cushion we couldn’t get enough of poking.

water house33

but i’m sure you can fill in the blanks. just know we were sad—so, so sad—to leave. but our weekend in the woods did it’s job, and we returned home reinvigorated.

water house6water house7water house8

they showed me how sad they were to be leaving. elliot just wanted to comfort their sad faces.

reinvigorated, and full of memories and bumps and scraped up knees.

water house5

a more perfect start to summer i don’t think we’ll ever have.

water house12

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  1. This is awesome. What an idyllic getaway.

  2. I love every word of this. We are camping with our soon to be two year old in three weeks and we can't wait. I'm sure there will be iffy moments, but just being out in the real outside should be so rewarding.

  3. Beautiful post! Reminds me of my childhood summers spent at lakeside cabins with family and friends. Popcorn dinner was my favorite. One night each trip we got to eat popcorn and candy for dinner with ice cream as dessert. It was belly-ache inducing, but so much fun.

  4. absolutely gorgeous! I'm hoeing my creeper abilities full circle, now and checking out the bloggity blog. very lovely btw.

    I remember summers like this back in Massachusetts where I grew up. we would venture out to lots of places and states in the summers. this place looks very similar to a place in up state new york. I miss that my kids don't really have this to grow up in. even if I did live in the middle of the woods like i did as a kid I would still be out chaperoning them through the woods, where I had a free pass to get out and explore. now I fear there are creepers in the woods. ahh times have changed. it's great to see such lovely places still exist, and with lovely privacy.

  5. Nancy Pinchot5/15/13, 5:34 PM

    As the owner of the Water House, I can't tell you how satisfying it is to see your kids enjoying the stream and the house so much. It reminds me of my own children growing up in the summers there. Thanks for putting it all in words so effectively and poetically. I plan to follow your blog from now on.


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