Thursday, April 25, 2013

straight up dining room, part two

i’ll take it easy on ya today. less waxing poetic re: my dining room table, more straight home decor photos of the dining room.

dining room30

talked about my plans for the dining room HERE, revealed the new table HERE

one of the biggest—okay, the BIGGEST eyesore in the old dining room was the unfinished fireplace. remember this?


EEEK! i hear scary stabby movie music every time i look at that. it was terrible looking, and we’d had the tile to finish it sitting in the shed for yeeeaaaars. i was pleasantly surprised to come home to this one day:

dining room11

tile done. a basic slate from the home depot. it’s another spot where we like the interplay of something a bit more rustic (the tile) with something a bit more refined (the mantel + surround).
the firebox was painted with a high heat spray paint. we don’t light roaring fires in here, just the candles and the occasional wax firelog thingy. the candle holder was given to us as a hand me down. i may spray it black eventually, but for now it works.

the mantle itself is very simple. an open box on top mimics the open frames on the walls. dining room4dining room10

seriously. every stinkin’ time i look back at that ‘before’ shot i shudder. i can not believe we lived with it like that for so long. ugh. anyway, moving on.

dining room14

(library picture--Home Goods clearance, $15, hotel sign—Home Goods, $5, schweppes plaque---yeah right i’ve had that since the year one. maybe $4?, motorcycle—Ross, $15, candle holder—Ross, $3)

this area above the mantel has given me hives since the wall frames and mantel were built. it’s not a big space—only 29” high from the bottom of the trim to the mantel, but it’s 65” wide. it needed something with PRESENCE, something worthy of being ABOVE THE MANTEL. but any mirror or picture i tried putting there was just too tall.

i’ve finally managed to cobble together this collection of things, and for now—i like it.

moving on around the room…

dining room18

there she is. the frame that almost broke the camel’s back. or something like that.

dining room17

(frames—IKEA ribba, $15 each, prints—IKEA, $12 for all 3)

in the end i decided three frames was fine…mainly because i found this set of three prints at IKEA and fell in love. i do kind of wish there was a fourth…maybe someday when i’m bored i’ll play around with photoshop and come up with a fourth. which city? hmmm….i’m thinking something like mumbai or pisa or something. suggestions?

dining room2

i love these prints. probably more than any one girl should love three prints. i won’t apologize.


one of  the other major changes we made was moving the buffet from this wall to the window wall.




dining room5

okay, yeah. that’s not the same buffet. the new one is much narrower, much lower, and in much better condition. and are you ready for this—it was $12. TWELVE. DOLLARS.

this is the photo i sent to jeremy when i found it at the thrift shop on half-off day:


how do you know it’s the right size? he asked.
i measured, i answered.
what do you mean “measured”?

he knows me so well.

i stood next to the window and figured out about how high up on my leg it could come and still be under the sill. don’t worry, it’s perfect. kiss kiss mwah mwah.

why is that a problem? i don’t always have a tape measure with me, but i always have my thighs with me.


probably i need a beard to really pull this off. but enjoy.

this is picture i instagrammed of myself bringing it home:


don’t worry—i took this while stopped. because clearly i’m concerned about safety.

a few coats of satin finish black spray paint, and some silver on the hardware, and there it is.


dining room20

sideboard—thrifted, $12, spray paint—$9

oh—and some greasy kid fingerprints on the front to really make it feel at home.

dining room20

the top got another collection of things…

dining room16

(lamps—owned, $3 update for fabric paint on the shades, urn—home goods, $9, oyster—home goods, $12, candle—owned)

the lamps i discussed HERE. they got a cheap and dirty $3 makeover to fit into the new dining room. the blue urn has a chip in the back, so it was super cheap. and the oyster was my big splurge—12 whole dollars i paid for that. i really love that little thing. and the kids love making sure it always has a “pearl” in it. the wire candle holder is the misfit in this grouping—i feel like it needs something green and plantish. but i had this, so it’s a free placeholder for now.

the curtains were an easy DIY project, and they got their own post HERE. they were the first choice for the dining room, and the wall paint color was based off the birds.

dining room15
curtain fabric + grommets—$49.50 total for the pair

the last major change in the room--

dining room24

when we initially started this dining room makeover/finishing i was ready to write off this light. i was pretty much over it, and wanted something more modern…maybe rectangular to fit over the new table? the light was a $50 j.c. penny’s outlet purchase right after we bought the house. it hung in our kitchen first, then moved to the dining room when we built our addition. safe to say we got our $50 out of it.

but on a whim i decided to spray it black.

now this is where i tell you what it means to be my friend: it means when you find out your nincompoop of a friend is going to spray paint her ceiling light black—WHILE IT IS STILL HANGING IN THE ROOM, you drive yourself over and take on the unforgiving job of holding a board behind the light to catch most some of the overspray. it means you go home with black feet, because the board didn’t catch some most of the overspray, and then text photos of your blackened nostrils to me later in the evening.

anybody want to be my friend? because that’s all the stuff laura did. <3 you, girl. and i think it was worth it. because painting the base black and spraying the metal shades white took it from this:


to this:

dining room23

and now i LUUURRRRVVE it. just like that. i’m calling it a free upgrade, since i used spray paint i already had.
the last addition to the light was these little crystals:

dining room25

a friend made them for me a million years ago—they’re simple beads strung on wire and attached to magnets. there’s 8 of them, you can attach them around the edge of a lampshade for a little added bling. here they perform the function of hiding the little screw end that’s missing a cover (that’s why it was $50 in the first place).

i’m not gonna lie—it wasn’t the easiest job, or my brightest (ha!) idea. but the difference it makes is amazing.

and that’s it. the dining room in toto.

one more time for the people in the back…




dining room30

cleaner, lighter, brighter. that’s what my goals were when i started this. i’d say it’s a check, check, check.

my other goal? CHEAP. let’s see how we did:

paint – free (had an HD credit)
table – $30 for misc. supplies (screws, glue, etc.), labor, wood & finishing were freeeee!
chairs – had
pictures + frames – $57
fireplace – free (already had the tile, grout & supplies)
fireplace decor* – $38
buffet + spray paint – $21
buffet decor* – $21
curtains – $49.50
lamp upgrade – $3
chandy upgrade – freeeeee!
TOTAL: $198.50

*i only included the new items i bought, not the things i already had

looks like another checkmark to me. just squeezed under the $200 mark for my room upgrade.

there you have it. dining room done.

googiemomma out.

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  1. This is beautiful... love the makeover. The original was pretty, but this is so much more elegant. And the captioned photo is perfect! 'I may not always measure things...' lol

  2. Love that table! I've started carrying a tape measurer with me, so funny the looks I get at times when measuring a piece of furniture. Great job and many happy meals! :)

  3. Wow- you did an awesome job! Love how you kept the budget way down, and still ended up with a stunning room!

  4. I Love the table and the story of how it came in the room is priceless. I've been looking for a buffet/server so what you did to your find is incredible. So pretty!

  5. Could you just do one thing crappily to make me feel a little better??
    Ah well. It's perfect. OBVIOUSLY.
    P.S. ROME!


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