Tuesday, June 4, 2013

daddy’s little princess

to go along with yesterday’s star wars quilt i made this adorable little princess leia onesie.


leia baby onesie5

adorable, right? BUT…the design was based on a design from an etsy shop selling all kinds of star wars onesies. to be honest, my conscience is pricking me just posting this. i have guilt posting about anything i copy from an etsy seller.

i snag ideas and recreate things with my own spin a lot, but most times i don’t post anything about it on the blog. can’t hurt the little guy. but this is not the most difficult design, and i put it on a dress instead of a onesie, and my design is a little different and much smaller than theirs. also—if you google “chibi leia” you’ll find this is a pretty standard version of that look. (i’m also realizing that chibi-anything just means flippin’ adorable anything. perhaps you could weigh in here, kat? ;) i believe you’re the chibi-expert-in-residence )

and to make myself feel better i’m not going to tell give you a pattern for the applique. i’m just going to give you the finished product, and a link to the etsy shop: HERE.

phew. #i’lltakeAssuagingtheConsciencefor$100,alex

what i’m also going to give you is a tip: don’t discount already decorated clothing when looking for something to make your own. i had the hardest time finding a cute little dress to put this leia on.

finally on the clearance rack at babies ‘r’ us i found this:

leia baby onesie6

a left over christmas onesie dress marked down to $4. it had a sequin design all over the front--a hat and “santa loves me”.

an hour with my stitch ripper left me with this:

leia baby onesie7leia baby onesie8

a blank shirt with tiny holes all over it, and a hot mess of threads and sequins all over me, the couch and the floor.

a quick trip through the washer and dryer fixed both shirts, and the vacuum fixed the floor and couch ;)

seriously—once i washed and dried the dress, the holes disappeared because it was cotton.

i ironed some interfacing on the back to make sewing the stretchy knit easier…

leia baby onesie4

and sewed down all my applique pieces. (i ironed them on with wonder under first, too).

i used non-pilling fleece to make the applique for two reasons: 1) the felt didn’t come in a good ‘skin’ color and 2) i think the non-pilling fleece will hold up better than felt to the repeated washings inherent in most baby clothes.

boom. one adorable leia dress, all for about $6 (cost of the onesie + fleece).

leia baby onesie1

blurry photos free, courtesy of my new glasses and inability to compensate when picture taking, apparently. ;)

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