Thursday, June 6, 2013

throwback thursday—sewing edition

i’ve been sewing for years, and only blogging for a relatively short time. so i have tons of things i’ve done for my monsters that were never blogged.

a lot of these things have been retired and packed away. but hey—benefit to having 4 girls—they’re starting to cycle through again.

i pull dresses out of the attic bins for gigi and say hey gigi, i made this nevey when she was 4 like you!

some of it…well, styles change, and my taste has changed. it’s been 9 or 10 years in some cases (eek!!!). but it’s still fun to have a little walk down memory lane. i’m trying to remember to take photos of these things now, just for posterity. and i’ll share them here…just for fun. ;)

so up on the block today—this little number:

plaid dress2

its one that sticks in my head very clearly. i bought this plaid fabric at walmart for $1 a yard. ONE DOLLAR. i bought five yards. i wish i bought the bolt.

plaid dress1

i made a tie for harrison, a skirt and blazer for guinevere, and this dress for ava. they were 4, 6 and 8—so, about 5 years ago. eek!

plaid dress7

they all had their initial (iron on flocked letters and they still look good! whoa!) i loved the black velvet accents and was ridiculously proud of these. and seeing this dress again on gigi…well, i’m still pretty proud of it.

i did use a pattern for this. can’t remember which one—probably a new look pattern because at the time walmart was my only option. we didn’t even have a joann’s around back then.

the zipper issue has plagued me since i started sewing—lines up at the waist and bottom, off at the top by about 1/2”. WHY????

plaid dress3

this dress is simple and cute with a bit of vintage flair. it’s actually one i still love.

plaid dress5

i’m pretty happy to see it again on this nut.

plaid dress4

can you do something besides just standing there and smiling, gigi?

plaid dress10

plaid dress12


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  1. Ah, I love it! I love plaid with velvet accents. And wow, $1 a yard. So jealous. =)


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