Monday, July 30, 2012

gettin’ moody.

the kitchen repairs are well underway. the flooring is sitting in the family room…um…marinating? i suppose. more like waiting for a free moment when we can tear up and replace. you know—a week or two where we don’t need use of our kitchen. ha. and as i type here jeremy is busy drilling holes into the ceiling, replacing our ikea track lighting with little pot lights/high hats/spot lights—whatever you want to call them—to give the ceiling a less cluttered look.
i’m sitting here on my laptop watching my kitchen get covered with a fine film of sheetrock dust from the 10 holes precisely drilled into the ceiling knowing it’s utterly worthless to a) get upset by the mess or b) bother cleaning said mess up because drilling is followed by a trip up to the attic to push all the insulation out of the way and wire the actual lights which = more mess.
don’t worry—i’ve covered the coffee maker with a sheet. leave it to me to take care of the important things.

another important thing i’ve done? i sat here as moral support for jerm and made my very first mood board.
generally i assume all the other Bloggers have mysterious and complex capabilities and/or computer programs, allowing them to create such wonders. but when i googled it, duh—it’s just photoshop and time.



our kitchen—broken up into it’s elements. i’m pretty much ridiculously proud of this thing.

o1 the only item here we don’t actually have. this rug is from ballard designs, and it’s an indoor/outdoor rug which in my opinion is perfect for a kitchen rug. and at $49 i’m thisclose to pulling the trigger.

o2 my red kitchenaid, Lola. this represents all the little red touches i have around the kitchen—nothing major or permanent, but there’s enough that it has to be a player.

o3 beadboard backsplash. this runs behind the sink.

o4 damask wallpaper. this isn’t technically in the kitchen, but it’s a pretty major statement wall you can see in the cut out between the kitchen and breakfast room.

o5 cabinets. we have IKEA cabinets—the Ädel white and lidingo glass front cabinets (who figured out umlauts…what what!?!?)

o6 absolute black granite countertops

o7 okay so technically this isn’t our exact light. but i couldn’t find ours and this one is a close enough match for illustration purposes.

so—you’re asking yourself now why i bothered making a mood board of a room i’ve already done. and you have a point.
but we’re changing things up a bit, and finishing up some things that were never finished, so i have some decisions to make.

namely: paint, curtains for our big pantry, decorations on the shelf.

it’s tough—because of it’s location the kitchen touches the family room, dining room, living room and 2 hallways. from where i’m sitting right now i can see all those areas—with all their various paint colors.
so i’m kind of torn on paint color. right now it’s a mash of unpainted areas and creamy white and stucco yellow diamonds.

but here’s what i’m thinking:

kitchen mood board paint

say hello to the kitchen + ocean abyss + city chartreuse.

how are we feeling about this? (actually, ocean abyss—the darker bluish/greenish color—is a bit greener in real life than it is in this picture)

i’m not entirely sure what form these paint colors will take in the room. or where they’ll go. but we don’t like dark hallways, and we do like bold colors. also, this depends on me finding the perfect fabric to make curtains for the pantry (because we have no windows in the actual kitchen i stick to curtains as my pantry door to be the fabric element of the kitchen).

i did see these at IKEA…

kitchen janette curtains

i think the colors are good, and i love the bright graphic print. there’s virtually no print of any kind in the kitchen itself…but i’m not so sure it works with the wallpaper, and the wallpaper and curtains bookend the kitchen. does that matter???

ahh decisions. ahhh first world problems.

so, what say you? any suggestions for me? let ‘er rip!

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  1. hey I like the curtains, I think they go. R U afraid that this is too close of a color scheme of the dining room? or are you trying to bring the colors together? If so, I like 'em and I think it goes fine with the wall paper. It's far enough away and it's not like you are hanging them up on that window.


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