Tuesday, July 31, 2012

start now, maybe you’ll be done by winter.

is it too soon to talk about crocheting?
the way i see it—school supplies are out, jeans and sweaters are appearing on shelves, and who cares if the actual temperature doesn’t agree with us i say cooler times are on the way! personally—i could not be happier. fall is my time of year. it’s crisp air and jeans and boots and sweaters and gloves and walking through apple festivals with hot cups of coffee. its no less sweaty, less annoying, less heat-induced-rage causing. fall is our anniversary, fall is our time of year.
so who’s with me? maybe if we all take up our crochet hooks and knitting needles en masse we can sway the rotation of the earth just a smidge—enough to bring on the cooler climes we so desire.
and how about a little something to really inspire you?
how about the chance to win three crochet patterns from the talented luz mendoza?
you know, a pattern for something like this:
luz 1
or this:
or these:
or maybe a little something for you, like this:
luz 4
right?!?!?! how can you say no to that!?!? (and side note—how pretty is she???) i couldn’t! ms. luz contacted me a couple of weeks ago and asked if i would be willing to host a giveaway of some of her patterns, and as soon as i checked out her shops (HERE and HERE) i wrote back and said YEAH BABY! she designs the cutest hats for littles and biggers alike, and that scarf—to die for!
i picked the dinosaur and tail/scarf pattern to try, and my boy is 10 so i’m not sure who i’m making it for but how could i not make this???
luz 5
i figure i can add a pink bow and make it a girl dino. gigi can definitely pull that off.


want the chance to win some patterns for yourself?
THE DETAILS + one entry per person

+ luz asks that you please “like” her page on facebook. if you don’t facebook (like me!) please visit one of her shops and browse through all her awesome patterns!
luz has a shop on
craftsy and also sells on amazon

+ leave a comment letting me know if you liked her facebook page or visited her shop, and put your email address if i won’t know it

+ contest open until 8/30/2012, at which time a winner will be chosen via random.org and emailed. the winner has 48 hours to claim their prize or a new winner will be chosen! (don’t make me do that—it feels really mean)

that’s it! get commenting!
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  1. Guess I'll be number 1. Number one wins sometimes, right? I went to her craftsy pattern shop...so cute. I love some of the slippers and the dragon hat? My grandson is 6 and he would love that so much. His momma knits him hats, but a dragon? I would love to win. If not, I may have to buy that pattern.

  2. Oh, my! I browsed her shop on Craftsy, and wow! I definitely need to start these right away!

  3. So I'm totally with you on yeah for fall. I'm sick of the heat, I want to knit and maybe someday finally pull out the crochet hooks and DO something oh and someone needs to go back to school pronto ;) The Craftsy shop has some great stuff. I love the dino hat/scarf combo, especially for my older two boys, so they can't lose the scarf, it's attached! And then down towards the end of the page is another dino hat that my youngest son would love too, he doesn't like scarves as much but it would be sad if he didn't match his big brothers. Oh and don't get me started on the matching ladybug hat and booties for the little lady! Ok, so numero 3 it is. woot woot!!!!

  4. Goodness...so much cuteness. I love, love the baby owl booties, the bear hat with ear flaps and the vintage hat with flowers for my little one and the mary jane slippers for myself and heck maybe a vintage hat with flowers for myself while I'm at it. amandabieghler(AT)gmail(DOT)com.

  5. Yay fall! We just found out the sex of baby #2 due in December (a little girl, now we'll have one of each!!) and I couldn't resist casting on even though it's currently 85 in my living room. Blah! I had never seen any of Luz's patterns before but I'm in love. They're fantastic! I'm sure this baby will have enough sweaters to keep her warm till doomsday by the time she arrives so I'd love to win a pattern to make some slippers for myself. All those winter nighttime feedings = cold mama toes! Crossing my fingers youll be hitting me up at greenbreann(at)hotmail.com at the end of the month. Thanks!!

  6. Wow! Her patterns look great and I think I will have to try some of them for not just myself but for the neices and nephews (yep all 13 of them!). She has something for everybody. Would be sooooo cool to win!



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