Wednesday, June 6, 2012

the happy-sads, part 2

is there something wrong with me that i didn’t cry at my daughter’s 6th grade graduation?


not when i was getting her ready in the morning.


not when i watched her walking in, tall and pretty.


not when she gave a reading during the ceremony.

neve graduation

when she stood, waiting her turn for her name to be called, i felt nervous. but i still didn’t cry.

neve graduation1
valiant attempts at a family photo

not at the end, watching grandparents and friends and uncle and brother and sisters congratulate her.

another mother offered me some tissues. i almost took them…just because i didn’t want to seem weird. but, well, i didn’t need them.
finally…not too bad.


and definitely not much later, when daddy took her to her orthodontist appointment and i ran like a maniac getting her little surprise party ready.


there was yelling and screaming…but no crying.
(more on the party later)

it’s big—this graduating from elementary school. i still remember my own 6th grade graduation. but i feel like i’ve been slammed over and over again these last few months with the realization that my baby is growing up.
and this? just one more step. one more nail in the coffin of her childhood.

and i’m learning to embrace it with joy, and not with tears.

so i made it through today tear free—except of course at the very end.

the very end when i realized that my baby girl—through the pooled resources of her parents, herself, her uncle & aunt, and her grandparents—is now the proud owner of an (lightly used) ipad.
and i…(sniff, sniff)…am NOT.

now THAT is something to cry about.
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  1. Hello googiemomma. I'm new to your blog, but I've spent some time over the past few days reading your archives, and am now a faithful "follower." :)
    Anyway. . .
    1. Love that hair do! Tutorial belongs on pinterest, if it's not already there.
    2. Congratulations to your daughter! Many blessings await you in Junior High. :)

    1. hey thanks! ;) and welcome!
      1) probably yes it is on pinterest somewhere--really, what isn't? haha but it's a very simple one--despite how it looks. i'll see if i can find the link to where i first saw it.
      2) thanks so much! she's starting cyber school in the fall--something we're VERY excited about!

  2. Well now maybe if you ask her nicely she will let you borrow the iPad! I'm sure she will seeing as how you birthed her an all! My children are still asking for more cookies :)

    1. well--bring em over--i've still got plenty!! haha!


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