Thursday, June 7, 2012

there's crazy in them eyes.

i’ve mentioned before how…well…interesting gigi is.

the kiddo lives in her own world—i think it’s a colorful and interesting world. think lucy in the sky with diamonds meets rainman.
“personality?” oh yeah, she’s got it. and that’s a nice way of phrasing it.
earlier this week she told me that her imaginary friend/pet feather told her she was a nerd. it kept telling her that she was a nerd. (cue sad pouty face)

what do you even say to that?

i know i’m not the first one to pick up my phone and find it full of these…

but yesterday when i was deleting a bunch of random gigi pics i stumbled across these little never-before-seen flicks.

and after i wiped the tears from my eyes i knew i had to share.
for those of you that know her personally—this is no surprise. for those of you who’ve never met her—this is gigi at her finest.


the Gigi files on Vimeo.

the immediate questions that come to mind:

o1) what goes on in her brain?
o2) WHERE WAS I?????

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