Monday, June 4, 2012

knock, knock

are you ready for this? because i’m not really sure i am.

a week of euphemisms. a week of beating around the bush. a week of probably creating posts that will bring some odd traffic via google searches. a week of exploring virtually every synonym and slang term for…um, the girls.

but a week of posts that are close to my heart…figuratively and literally. hehe. tee-hee.


alright, let’s just get a few things out of the way RIGHT NOW.

o1) this is a family friendly blog so there won’t be anything…risque happening here. however, this is a real issue for many, many women—myself included. dressing modestly but fashionably when 85% of what’s available in the stores and off the rack doesn’t fit? quite. difficult. and there’s nothing wrong with addressing that issue in an adult “we can fix it” kind of way.

o2) that said, you should know that i am 100% incapable of spending 100% of the time talking about boobers in a 100% adult kind of way. i just can’t. they’re inherently funny. and in line with that i simply will not be able to spend the entire time refering to “breasts” or “chest” or GAG! “bosom”. nope. the terminology will include, but not be limited to, the following: boobers, the girls, the ladies, etc. pretty much anything i can come up with to describe the area 3” below your collarbone to wherever it is they hit above your waist. (assuming, of course, that they hit above your waist) hehehe…snort…

o3) i’ve got a few posts in mind, covering the following: undergarments, swimwear alterations, clothing alterations, buying semi-custom and off-the-rack, and sewing for yourself. if you have anything to contribute, please let me know! email me at:
 talktothemomma (at) gmail (dot) com

o4) my size. well, is that really relevant? i suppose, in a way it kind of is. my size pretty much totals my qualifications for writing on this subject. let’s just say i’m a card carrying member of the “bigger than what you find in any basic store” team. also known as Team Bigger Than A Breadbox. ;)

so there you have it. i hope i haven’t alienated anyone. but the fact is we talk about a lot of sensitive topics here in blogland, and this one…well, like i said, it’s close to my heart. and not something i’ve really seen covered too much.

what do you think?

ps—i haven’t yet decided when this momentous week will be…probably when i get around to actually completing all the projects i have planned ;) but soon. consider yourself warned.

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  1. I think that's brilliant! Coming from team not-quite-as-big-as-a-breadbox, I can still appreciate all the hard work. And the desire to not look like I just stepped out of a Renaissance faire:)


  2. Don't forget tata's, righteous rack (just made that one up), milk machines....I'll think of more! If you need a guinea pig with big boobies u know where I live :)

    1. HAHAHA! 'Righteous Rack'....

  3. I once built a corduroy tank that was essentially backless. It was one of the best bras I've ever had. I'm also in that "bigger than a breadbox" category. In fact, I think I'm more in the "bigger than the oven" category.

    As soon as I'm done gestating/nursing babies, one of the first orders of business on my agenda is a breast reduction.

    For realz.

  4. Yo, another member of Team BTAB over here! I'm constantly fighting back the tears (or curse words) while shopping because nothing fits right "up there". So I'm all ears...or boobers, as the case may be.

  5. It may require a stretch of your imagination but the much smaller than a bread box club could use some help, too! Just cause its not much to see doesn't mean I want everyone seeing all of it when I lean over...or those darts that hit right at the bottom of my rib cage because I don't fill a top...ugh.

  6. Looking forward to it. Struggling with it all my life, can't buy anything in the store that would ever fit - failed at many FBA's when sewing for myself. Hope to learn something.

  7. Uh, wish I could help you out with this one... I really do. It seems to be the one area in which we differ :) Coming from someone who fought back tears in highschool and even college for the OPPOSITE reason (i.e. "smaller than a biscuit in the proverbial breadbox") I can honestly say I am loving my pregnant, nursing and even post pregnant "fun buns". (yep, that was all me. you're welcome.)
    I will, however, follow along anyway. When you're done with this series, can you do one for how to repurpose clothing so they fit the no longer flat and smooth tummy of the pre-baby years? That's MY issue...

  8. Please please please yes yes yes. Thank you!

  9. or the formerly lush and now deflated? All I want is a bathing suit.....

  10. OMG I own this topic . I`m a big gril in Japan . DO you know how hard it is to finde nice cloth ? or bras? In alot of tshirts I just look like poo bear and don`t get me started on bras . The size are all mini -.-

  11. it's because of this post that i'm going to follow you. thank you for the maxi dress tute.


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