Tuesday, April 24, 2012

sewvivor: recap

well, you all know how much i wanted to win. so i can’t really play it off and act like i don’t care.

because i do. i’m disappointed not to have made it into the final round. but the voters have spoken.

but which star was it that said something about always leave em hanging? you know—the “quit while you’re ahead” mentality: i’m happy with the projects i entered, and i was nervous about the final week--pleats. i had vague notions of a pleated duvet cover for my bed (something i desperately need). but—all that fabric? i imagined myself buried in yards and yards of white fabric and pleats trying to make a king size cover…

week one: inspired by judges

black and white eyelet dress



week two: upcycle/recycle

ladies’ skirt to girls’ dress



week three: sewing for charity

peyton dolly



i was honored to be chosen twice to recieve immunity (which i needed in the 2nd round!), and picked for 25 bonus points in the last round. the open voting is what it is, skewed a bit by family and friends obviously. so it’s nice to receive the validation of someone relatively impartial--and a sewer at that--that what you did is…i don’t know—appreciated?

i also received some truly beautiful notes from quite a few of my fellow competitors. thank you thank you thank you girls! it means the world to me! and so do all the comments i got on my blog from people. :)

so all in all, i had a blast—i met some awesome new bloggity friends and enjoyed participating. i’m looking forward to the projects for the final round—there’s four awesome sewers ready to reveal their final projects tomorrow. i can’t wait to see what they come up with!

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