Thursday, April 26, 2012

5 @ 10, 5 @ 11


this is late for a reason. my little man turned 10, and i had plans of a “5 @ 10, 2 @ 10” post.

it didn’t work out that way.

so it’s a combo post, because—as much as i HATE to say this—my little miss elliot is 11 months today.


11 whole months have gone by since i birthed this little fruitcake.

tubbies in the sink—one of our favorite things ;)

and i really can not believe that we are on the countdown to the big 01.



but it’s coming for us, whether i believe it or not.

she’s a walker. not all of the time, but in the past few days it’s becoming a LOT of the time. those funny franken-baby little drunk person steps make us all laugh and clap our hands for her. then she stops and looks as if to say i know you’re impressed, keep watching. and then she ungracefully plops down on her behind and we all laugh and yell uh-oh!

one thing she will never lack as the youngest of five: a full complement of cheerleaders.


she’s a talker. hi, bye-bye, uh-oh, max, nummy (when she’s eating), nice (when she pats our faces in a soft way as opposed to smacking), boo when someone plays. and the best is her yelling through the house maaaaahhhh! while she looks for me, wherever i am.


she’s a sleeper. i’ve mentioned that she’s not the best sleeper of my kiddos. desperate times called for desperate measures.

the child has her “own room” now—our walk-in closet has been appropriated as her sleeping quarters. it’s always dark, it’s always quiet, and truth be told it’s bigger than the “room” our first baby had in our tiny first apartment. ;)
it’s a touch inconvenient for getting dressed…but we’ll gladly sacrifice for the ability to sleep through the night. because that’s what we’re doing—SLEEPING.THROUGH.THE.NIGHT.

IMG_9760_8829baby got back.

she does tricks. we get “fresh face” on command. she gives kisses—a heart melter of the highest proportions. the “hi'” and “bye-bye” waves are distributed liberally. peek-a-boo is a favorite. she points at people and things, especially her opa who always greets her with a big “i’m lookin’ at you”. she wants him to know she’s lookin’ at him, too. 

11 months.

to go from this:


to this:


11 months.

to go from this:

to this:IMG_9987_9050


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