Thursday, January 12, 2012

girls’ room: part III


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you know, sometimes—even when you’re in midst of home reno and you know you have bunches of stuff to be done…sometimes you have to


especially when the daddy is off work, and the googies are off school. you have to take a morning and make some homemade english muffins. you have to have grandparents over in the morning and you have to indulge in some homemade eggs benedict.

and on the thursday morning of The Project, that’s just what we did. i didn’t even take any pictures, but it looked just like THIS. only, with more sheetrock dust.

but alas, all good and fattening things must come to an end.
and into all good projects comes a little sanding.
(so many idioms to slaughter, so little time)

girls room_7930

wall sanding? let me sum up my feelings: bllllleeeecchhhh

what else is there to say? sheetrock sanding = bane of my existence. no matter how many times you sweep—you’ll never get it all. no matter how tightly you close the door—it will still escape. no matter how clean you kept things up to this point in the project—it DOES.NOT.MATTER.
on the + side—it’s that much closer to everyone’s favorite part—PAINT (no? just me?)

after the sanding (blllleeeeecccchhhh) came the crown molding. yup—crown molding. (or is that moulding? i’m never sure) the googiedaddy loves him some mo(u)lding. crown, base, not bread. my job is to be the Hand Of Restraint. i think if i let him go our crown mo(u)lding and base
mo(u)lding would simply meet in the middle of the wall. but we manage to meet in the middle…err…by not meeting in the middle. we compromise. yeah…

girls room_7934

and you know what? that was pretty much it for thursday.

but friday…ohhh friday.

friday had this:


and that right there? that’s good stuff.

girls room_7927

friday we made like bread trucks.
we hauled buns. yuck yuck snort

everything in the room got caulked and primed. everything got trimmed. drawers were built, and built-up.

and by the end of friday there was this:
girls room_7924

gasp! shut. UP.

that is firecracker. no, really—that’s the name of the color. i’m not trying to start some new catch phrase. duuuuddde…that new ithing is firecracker.
hmmm…it kind of works. maybe i should work it. you heard it here first!

this is where things begin to get hazy. because up until friday i was smart enough (and coherent enough) to keep a running breakdown of what happened on what day.

but after friday it was kind of all a blur. there was painting. and more painting. and moooorrreee painting. and taping…lots and lots of taping.

girls room_7922

there were a couple more trips to IKEA, countless more runs to home depot. outlets, switches, wall lights and chandeliers were installed. and then came the sewing.

the thing about putting 4 girls in one big room? everything is x4. wow, way to blow our minds shannon. no really, it sounds stupid--but it’s kind of a big deal. when we did harrison’s room i spent $39 on his duvet cover. not extravagant, by any means—but $39 for 1 boy vs. $39x4? ouch.

so we did get duvet covers for the girls for only $6.99 apiece, which i mentioned here. but there were pillows (5 for each bed. yeesh), curtains for the closet, curtains for…oh, well.
you know…

i think i better stop. because i think i’ve gone juuuussst about as far as i can go with this construction tale.

there we were, sparkly shiny happy incredibly tired but excited people doing construction with much, much more to do and no electric and a very kind of sick baby.

would you like to see the room?

huh? would ya?


on monday ;) promise. and you know what? it’s firecracker.
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