Wednesday, January 5, 2011

drool is not good for your computer

one of the things the googiedaddy and i did during our stay-cation was some homemade eggs benedict.
and srsly. let me tell you something—when i say we did “homemade eggs benedict” i mean HOMEMADE. 
we didn’t butcher the pig for the bacon, but we sure did fry it up in the pan.
we didn’t collect the eggs from our own chickens, but we did poach them up in the pan.
we DID make our own hollandaise sauce. full of 2 sticks of butter and four egg yolks and extra lemon juice, whisked until your arms want to die…and then whisked some more.
and we DID make homemade english muffins. and let me tell you something else—mr. thomas would be simply green with jealousy if he were to taste one of these bad boys.
too die. for reals. do you make bread? if you do, then you’ll understand me when i say the dough for these was just lovely. soft and smooth and supple…
ohhh the nooks…ohhh the crannies…
i should have taken more photos. lots more photos. it was one of those meals that was gorgeous in it’s preparation. and i mean gorgeous in the way only a true food lover (or 5 months pregnant woman) can consider food gorgeous.
all together now…
simply stunning.
trust me when i say~~no other food was required for the rest of the day.
in case you’re curious, we used the inimitable mr. alton brown’s hollandaise sauce recipe, found here.
and the english muffin recipe from country living can be found
both recipes were doubled. i highly recommend doing so. :)

my sincerest apologies to your keyboard if you drooled.
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