Tuesday, January 4, 2011

a copycat cLOVEr dress

or, alternatively titled: a spider among us
a few months back katy @ no big dill sent out a call for some fabric from IKEA she needed.
selflessly, i answered that call.
until some other jerk ahem, helpful person, swooped in and provided the fabric before i did.
because i was already there i decided to pick up some for myself anyway. and although katy graciously offered me a cLOVEr 2 dress as thanks, i decided to go ahead and make my own version instead.
here is katy’s original:

such a cute idea for a newly-turned-2-year-old!
honestly, when i first looked at the fabric all i saw were the hearts. not until i saw this dress did i see the “2’s".
i took inspiration from the a-line styling of katy’s dress, and also the sadie shirt from craftiness is not optional. she did a wonderful sew-along/tutorial in october. while i was too sick to ‘sew-along’, i did ‘follow-along’. she’s got a great and simple way of explaining things!
presenting: the googie-version

one blurry picture.
that’s as far as i got. i bathed, primped and preened, made something cute out of what i’m realizing is starting to look A WHOLE LOT like the infamous “
kate” hair (of jon & kate plus 8), ironed and dressed, took one shot….and then…
“w’sat mommy?”
a spider. (spee-eye-der, for those of you who’ve seen megamind)
possibly the smallest spider ever seen on this planet. but her eagle-eyes spotted it. and we know how little bear is about bugs.
we ‘wuv’ it…but we will NOT touch it. and we will CERTAINLY NOT let it out of our sight.
oh well. at least while she’s distracted i can get some shots…
a brief distraction—putting a toy in her pocket…
this one?

no, this one….
but wait!
where’d the spider go?
no worries…there he is. momma’s keeping an eye on him. (seriously…do you see how tiny this thing is?)
more examination…more oddly posed photos…
(we’re gonna go ahead and pretend the button didn’t break off the back and i didn’t lazily safety pin it shut instead. right? right.)

so there it is. unfortunately my kid doesn’t have a cool name that lends itself to the the dress. :)
the g-squared?
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