Monday, January 3, 2011

hello? heelllloooo? is anybody here?

honestly, i don't know how they do it.
you know~~the bloggers that blog EVERYDAY. the ones that never take a break.

i've only been at this for about 11 months, and,'s tiring.
you guys are so demanding :o)

anyway, i thoroughly enjoyed my break. and i have lots of projects to show you--if i can get it together long enough to photograph them.

as for this past couple weeks, we had a lot of fun.

we spent {much} time being lazy as a family.

little bear found a rogue pair of scissors. and gave herself an awesome haircut.


sorry for the stinky phone photos...perhaps some clarification is needed?



basically all the areas i marked she chopped down to anywhere from 1/2" to 1" long. sweet.
needless to say all scissors are now under strict control. and we're going to be using a lot of headbands and hair wax in the coming months.

moving on...
we celebrated my brother and sister-in-law's 2nd anniversary with homemade indian cuisine (yuuummm)

we took the three older googies (well, technically the in-utero googie came too. so basically we just excluded little bear) to see cirque du soleil. it was a blast. watching their faces was almost more fun than watching the show.

but little bear enjoyed a sleepover with her {childless} uncle and aunt~~which was fun for all involved. (we warned her if she ever wants cousins from that side she better be on her most adorable behavior. she mostly complied. there was the whole asking-aunt-for-milkies incident...but we'll let that slide, right? we expect an announcement any day now. {not-so-subtle-hint, hint})

potty training...well, it's been hit or miss. literally.

the googiedaddy got a good start on the family room units he's building...hopefully the completed project will be making an appearance soon.

and in case you're curious about #5...well, i'm still puking. {christened the side of the road this morning on the way back from dropping the googies at school. ugh} but on a positive note friday is the big ultrasound. if i had my way honestly i'd leave the gender a surprise until birth (that's what we did with the first 3). but i am excited to see the little peanut...and it's feet ;o)

with all that said, i better get back to the potty training...anyone have any idea what effect three tangerines rapidly consumed has on 2 year old bowels? hmmm...better keep a watchful eye hehehe
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