Thursday, October 28, 2010

i'm good in a clutch

alright, i'm here. i'm alive. i'm we're growing. (what can i's number 5 people. and i just don't have unbelievably good genes like some people {i'm looking at YOU, katy dill})

so, a while back i ran a little "thank you" giveaway.
the winner was ms. ana @ imadeitso. today she posted a nice little thank you on her blog about the clutch she recieved. (go read it, i'll wait. no really, go ahead...i love when people say nice things about me.) 


apparently there was some dissention in the bloggy world. i guess i should use the term "winner" loosely, because some felt that all was not fair in blogging and giveaways. {now i'm TOTALLY looking at YOU, lisa}

hey, not to make lame excuses or anything, but let's just get it on the record that clearly it wasn't the allergy meds throwing me off whack...making me want to sleep 19 hrs a day...making me too lazy to do cutesie shots of googies picking numbers. (but i didn't know that at the time)


i'm never one to alienate my faithful zombies followers readers.

so look what i've been hard at work on:

these pretty clutches are all ready to go into my etsy shop.

 want one?

okay, you can buy one--as soon as i list them. and to list them, i must price them.

so tell me, dear readers--

how much would you pay for a leather clutch like this?

leave me a comment letting me know.

and, to appease the whiners my friends, i will RANDOMLY choose one commenter to get a free clutch of their choice!

TOTALLY, COMPLETELY, 100% RANDOMLY. scout's honor. cutesie googie shots GUARANTEED.


get cracking--light up my comments section, tell your friends, tell your enemies, tell your mom--tell me how much to charge!

(open to anyone anywhere with a mailing address--except for you ms. ana...wouldn't want any more scandal, now would we? contest runs until 11/7/2010)
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