Wednesday, November 3, 2010

what's in a name?

i read a lot of blogs.
a LOT.

some of the ladies i read use pseudonyms...for themselves, for their children...
some use their first names.
some are just all out in the open--first and last names, where they live...
and to be honest, the blogs i seem to enjoy more are the ones where i know their names, i've seen their faces. let's face it--blogging is letting someone in on a slice of your life. it's creating a virtual "friendship" (even if it's one-sided. i'm fairly certain some of the "bigger" bloggers i read don't know i exist...but we're still bff's in my head) and knowing their names makes it somehow more my delusional fantasies.

wait--am i one of the freaky stalkers?


here, obviously, i use my name (occasionally), but that's it. for the kiddos i use their nicknames (yes, they do really get called those things).

so i got to wondering...
in this day and age, is it necessary? i want to be a cautious momma, but at the same time--is the internet and blogging the future? is the concept of 'online privacy' really a myth?

a concerned friend sent me a message a couple weeks ago, pointing out that from a few miscellaneous clues in some of my posts/photos she was able to google more info about me.

i was thankful for the heads-up. (even though i've been too lazy thus far to go back and fix those things...:)

then i posted my ultrasound photo, and got a comment from someone about when my birthday was. i was careful to block out the hospital name and my last name, but didn't even notice my birthdate on the picture.

does it matter?

i googled my name and birthdate...and didn't come up with anything. well, i came up with some things--other gals born around me with the name shannon. but not me.

i can't help but think that it's not like i'm hiding myself. i'm listed in the phone book: name, address, telephone number. if you search for me, i can be found. i know people request not to have their name or number in the yellow pages--but for the most part, does anyone think twice about it?

is this the yellow pages of the future?

then i read things like this over at the Spohrs are Multiplying. if that doesn't freak you out nothing will. or another blog i read and enjoyed--blog baby--just recently was taken down because the mom discovered some rather nasty people were looking at her children's photos.

i post my children's photos....can't help but make you think....

so tell me--what do you think? if you hide or, vice-versa, reveal personal info about yourself on your blog--WHY? have you had any positive or negative results from this?
even if you don't blog, what are your thoughts?
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