Thursday, July 8, 2010

the one in which i get honest (and get an award)

I received the Versatile Blogger Award from Jess over at (appropriately enough) Made by Jess.

Somehow I've never seen her blog before (sorry!) and from reading through her posts she seems like a super sweet gal! 21 years old and a mom & stepmom of 3--WOW! She's got me beat :0)


Thanks Jess!
So, I have to share 7 things about myself, and then pass the award along.
I am soooo NOT GOOD at this!

Here goes:
1. I was 18 when I married googiedaddy. We knew we were young (he was 20), but we knew it was right, and didn't want to wait. We've been unbelievably happy for what will be 12 years in October.

2 Little Bear was due on our 10th anniversary. Visions of just googiedaddy and I in bathing suits on a warm beach with pina coladas in hand were replaced with visions of hospital gowns and soothing (ha) blue walls and ice chips in hand. But I liked that better :0)

3. I always wished I had a sister. I still do. I love the fact that my daughters have sisters. It makes me excited to see their relationship as they grow.

4. I kind of wish LittleMan had a brother.

5. I haven't sewn anything in about a month (except for a little at work. but that doesn't really count.) I go in spurts, and I haven't really had the sewing bug lately, even thought I have a pile of half-finished and unstarted projects awaiting my attention.

6. I am a voracious reader. I have to limit the amount of books I get from the library at one time. If I get 1 book, I'll read it in a week. If I get 10 books, I'll read them in a week. And my house will fall apart, nothing will get done, my kids will wear dirty clothes 7 days in a row and eat granola bars and fruit snacks for all meals.

7. Last week I stole a mirror right off the wall of my mom's house. I stopped by for a minute, saw it, and took it. Just like that. And she didn't even notice until I mentioned it. I'm not sure which is worse.

Okay, phew. That was alot tougher than I think it should have been. I don't know why I feel all 7 things have to be some earth-shattering revelations, instead of just "I buy my underwear at Walmart", but there it is. (and I do, mostly)

I never even finished the 9 things (or was it 11?) I was supposed to do with my last award and the one before that.

The other thing I never did was pass the award on to other bloggers.

Here's the thing: (and I'm not saying this from some sense of false modesty or anything)...I feel like "who am I?"

Who am I to get attention from someone else?
Who am I to decide who's worthy of an award?

Every single comment I get I go crazy over. I'm small stuff in the blogosphere, and I know it.
I read lots of other blogs, but they're all more "popular".
I feel like, seriously, am I going to give the Versatile Blogger award to Dana at Made? Or Katy at No Big Dill? Or Disney at Ruffles and Stuff? They probably get about 7 of these things a day.

So, here's my compromise. See those blogs on the right? The ones I have listed there? Those are the blogs I love and read with my cuppa joe in the mornings. The blogs that I steal ideas from inspire me.
So go, shoo. Check 'em out. They're good reads--crafty, funny, heartbreaking, versatile, honest scrap stuff.
I hereby pass my awards on to all of them.
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