Tuesday, September 17, 2013

starting easy: circle skirts

these skirts.

these skirts should have been blogged a loooonnnnng time ago.  BUT, i’ve figured out a good way of justifying the fact that i made these for guinevere ummm…two years ago.

circle skirts1

ready? here it is: THEY STILL FIT HER. two years later—and the girl has grown substantially, but because of the elastic waist and the length she is still wearing them. when i first made them they were closer to mid-calf length, now they’re still below-knee length.

circle skirts12

add in the fact that both fabrics were bought at walmart for $1.50/yard, and well…i’d say we certainly got our money’s worth out of em.

i bought 2 yards of each fabric (that’s $3 per skirt, for those following along at home), and followed dana’s awesome circle skirt tutorial—which, EVEN THOUGH IT INVOLVES MATH, is really really REALLY easy to follow.

circle skirts2

honestly—neither of these prints are my absolute favorite. but the gal needed some skirts at the time, they’re a super quick sew, and they’re comfy and easy to wear. and they were $3. did i mention that?

that probably explains why she’s still wearing them coughcough 2 years later.

circle skirts12

because of her height i couldn’t get the full cut out of my material, and i solved this in a different way for each skirt.

on the brown and peach one, i used a piece to fill it.

circle skirts8

now you see it…

i made my quarter-circle pattern piece, then folded and laid my fabric underneath and marked where i needed extra length. then i sewed additional pieces on where needed, refolded and cut the pattern out.

because the skirt is so full and the pattern is so busy you can barely tell where this was done (especially when that part is on the side which is how i MEANT for her to wear it. sheesh)

circle skirts7

now you don’t. kinda.

on the silver one i took a piece of tissue weight black knit and added a border to the bottom. because the bottom hem of the skirt is curved and the border is not there’s a bit of wonkiness right where the two meet.

circle skirts4

but again, the fullness of the skirt covers a multitude of sins.

circle skirts3

i hemmed it with a lettuce edge hem, which you can find a tutorial for HERE.

it truly doesn’t get much easier or more comfortable than this. and let’s face it—no matter how big you are a twirly, spinny skirt never gets old. ;)

circle skirts13

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  1. Me thinks I'll be needing to do this for the Magster. She LURVES a twirly skirt, and I'm all for $3 clothing. :D

  2. Love circle skirts! I usually just cut two half-circles with seam allowances and sew them together to solve the too-short problem. And Guinevere... such a beautiful young lady. =)

  3. I could use both... If I usually wore skirts! I really like those fabrics, and yes, if you didn't mention it, I didn't notice the piece you added to the first one.

  4. I love circle skirts! So cute!


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