Monday, September 16, 2013

fashion show at lunch!

one of the hardest parts of blogging the things i’ve sewn is getting a good photo shoot together. either someone is sick, or miserable, or we run out of time, or it’s raining…

and then before i know it either the season has changed or the child has outgrown/torn/stained the item, and then….oh well.

so this is why 2 weeks ago i sat down and cleaned out the girls’ closets and drawers, making the Great Seasonal Clothing Switch from summer to fall/winter. and while i went i set aside the ridonkulous number of items i’d made and never photographed/blogged.

then we fixed hurrs up pretty and had one massive photoshoot.


now i have a backlog of photos, just waiting for the blog post to go along with them.

be prepared, internets. googiemomma originals comin’ atcha.

dress collage

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