Monday, September 9, 2013

so long and thanks for all the chews.

so on friday i had my wisdom teeth out. yeah, i know—you’re supposed to have that done when you’re a teen.

but my teeth weren’t a problem until i started having babies. then they came in one by one. every pregnancy was another wisdom tooth, another cavity. boo.
the bottom 2 impacted, the top 2 in but sooo far back that i couldn’t brush them. it was a huge cavity in the top left guy that finally forced me to make the appointment.

so off we went to the oral surgeon—me hopped up on a valium + laughing gas + whatever it was they put in the IV. i thought everrrrrything was soooo funny.  BUT…i was awake and aware of everything happening. and about halfway through the procedure i was no longer laughing. i was still very relaxed, but also wide awake. i wanted to tell the doc, but that’s a little difficult when your mouth has that metal…uhh…mouth speculum thing in it? so i started singing along to the piped in music, hoping that would give him a clue.

“oh, are you singing?” he laughed at me. okay, well that didn’t work. apparently singing isn’t too unusual. but whatever. i guess there was enough meds that i wasn’t too worked up.


by the time they moved me to the recovery area and brought jeremy in i was wide awake and fine. packed full of gauze but trying to talk because, well, i’m an idiot? and then trying to explain to the receptionist that no i didn’t owe her $90, i only owed $26 and pulling up my EOB on my phone to show her. with a numb face and mouth full of gauze.

type-A personality, anyone? hope i didn’t drool on her shoulder.

so because i’m a special snowflake my bottom two teeth gave the doc a run for his money. he said they were the worst he’s had all summer. stupid 33 year old teeth were quite settled in and didn’t was to leave. he gave me some meds in the IV for swelling, and a script for more swelling reducing medication, in addition to a powerful pain med and antibiotic. sheesh.


me + pain meds? nope. puke city. so i switched quickly to just ibuprofen and ice (pea) packs, and that’s where i’ve been since.

i spent the weekend crocheting, candy crushing, movie watching gumming crackers and mashed potatoes and I’M ALL DONE NOW.


but the doc warned me that the swelling would continue to increase through monday because of how nasty those bottom 2 teeth were. i hadn’t noticed a huge difference this morning from yesterday…then i realized that i have to push my cheeks out of the way to close my mouth or i would bite down on them. huh. i guess the swelling moved inside.


so here i am, hubby back to work, kids of school-age schooling, and the little two Just Dance-ing. i’m ready to throw down a handfull of pills that are supposed to make me better, and then i’m off to find something to gum for breakfast.

mashed potatoes and eggs, anyone?

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  1. I'm 37 and about to have mine out. Ugh. I hope you feel better soon!

  2. I have a small mouth and had my wisdom teeth pulled at 20. I remember waking up trying to climb a wall. hahaha

    1. ha! i actually wasn't asleep. i had lots of meds so i just didn't really care...but because it was so difficult it took twice as long as it was supposed to and i was basically fully awake by the end. numb, and still relaxed, but well aware of what was happening. o.O

  3. We could make you some liquified Mac n cheese or something

  4. Hope you're feeling better...


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