Tuesday, November 6, 2012

big bow dress

okay, so i may have to join Pattern Testers Anonymous, that’s how much i love this.

everything that i detest about commercially made patterns is eliminated when you’re using a small scale distribution, privately made pattern.

and so when miranda of one little minute asked if any of my girls happened to be one of the sizes she still needed tested on her BIG BOW DRESS pattern i was on it!
fortunately for her, she came to the right place—anything from girls’ 16 through 12/18 months is covered around here.

okay, so yeah. she’s the gal that kicked my behind in sew-vivor. she took the gold, and i’m not gonna lie and say i don’t a little bit hate her and her awesome sewing skills and her cute boys and her giant gorgeous smile and her ridiculous marathon-running butt. but on the plus side, both our littlest are named elliot (hers a boy, mine a girl), and she’s really stinkin’ nice. we even thought about hooking up for some frozen yogurt when i was in d.c. this summer, but we just didn’t have time. (plus there’s the whole “i walked 17 miles in 140 degree weather so i’d be all a huge pile of sweat and stink and is that really how i want to meet a fellow blogger when all my online photos are perfectly shot so as to only show me at my best?” yeah, no.) but anyway, moving on…

so she needed a size 4 BIG BOW DRESS sewn up, and i was happy to oblige, making one for ms. gigi.


this dress is adorable. unfortunately, the only day i had to grab some photos of it was overcast and blue, and the little model was feeling rather uncooperative—no hair fixing, no standing still…

















the bulk of our photos were taken while she spun in circles. sheesh.



and gave me a super cheesy smile. double sheesh.

but the pattern is AWESOME. it’s a quick and easy sew for an advanced beginner or intermediate sewer.

i love that the dress has a little bit of a formal look but is still comfy and easy-to-wear. a perfect mix for wiggly toddlers/preschoolers.

big bow dress detail

the fabric is from my stash—a $1/yard walmart snag. and i lined it with another $1/yard fabric from jomar that’s an awesome silky grey and white stripe. i love it so much i squeezed an 18 month size dress out of my leftovers to sew up for elliot. now to find the time…;)

thanks for letting me test for ya, miranda!

wanna make your own? the BIG BOW DRESS pdf pattern is for sale HERE. go check it out!

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  1. Love that fabric!! It's frustrating when they won't stand still for a good picture, but at least she's having fun in that dress!! Very very cute :)

    1. it's like they just KNOW how to make you cray, right??!?! thanks!

  2. Haha, I love you, too:) There's nothing I'd rather see than a darling little girl wearing a Big Bow Dress spin in endless circles. How awesome! Thank you so much, again for your help. Next time you're in DC, let's make that fro yo happen!


    1. it's gotta be an awesome feeling--seeing something you designed and developed come to life! no prob, and you're on!

  3. How fun! I love the pattern, and I 'heart' that fabric too. =)

  4. How fun is that big bow? There are so many great patterns coming out!


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