Wednesday, November 7, 2012

cape cod, 2012

cape cod 2012-098cape cod 2012-099cape cod 2012-100cape cod 2012-104cape cod 2012-105cape cod 2012-106

we have, literally, thousands of photos of cape cod through the years. but every one is a treat. every year different.

some years other families came with us, some years it was just us. then i got married and had kids, and it seemed like every year there was a new baby (ha). and then a brother got married…and maybe eventually there will be more babies. (maybe? please?)


i do have photos from this year’s trip.

but…i spent more time without a camera in my hands this year.

there was plenty of inspiration. the light in the house we rented was gorgeous. wide plank wood floors, white walls and tons of windows.

cape cod 2012-141

cape cod 2012-122

cape cod 2012-143

cape cod 2012-145

and the weather was spectacular. we hit just the right week—the leaves that were green at the start of the week had turned brilliant fall shades by the end.

cape cod 2012-111cape cod 2012-118cape cod 2012-151cape cod 2012-154cape cod 2012-160

three generations: harrison, his father, and his father’s father.

but as the self-appointed family photographer, you spend a lot of time separated from the action, instead of being a part of the action.

so this year, the photos are few. but the memories are many.

(and obviously by “few”, i mean a mere hundred or so)

cape cod 2012-175

jeremy ran his first 5K.

cape cod 2012-178_edited-1

and at the last minute harrison decided to run too.

cape cod 2012-080cape cod 2012-082

we went to the beach and attempted some family photos.

cape cod 2012-012cape cod 2012-013cape cod 2012-014

it was hilarious. especially when we decided to try some “young me/now me” type pics.

cape cod 2012-056

cape cod 2012-054

it’s going to take all my—admittedly limited—photoshop skillzzz to get something potentially usable.

i’ll let you know what i come up with.

we did get some nice shots of the grandparents.

cape cod 2012-039

my parents

cape cod 2012-075

jeremy’s parents

cape cod 2012-045cape cod 2012-066cape cod 2012-084cape cod 2012-089

thanks for letting me share.

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  1. There is no where in the world I love more than THE CAPE! I grew up spending a week every summer there and when I have a family of my own I intend to do the same with them. So many priceless memories at Cape Cod. I am glad you had such a great trip.

    1. thanks! we do love it. amazing how after 25 years of annual trips it still doesn't get old.

  2. They turned out great, besides the sun being right in our eyes. The pics at the tower look cool. And the ones of mom and dad and John and Cheryl look great. And the one with your mom and the kids (cooperation was at a low point lol) turned out really nice.

    1. surprisingly, right? we did manage a couple good ones...


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