Tuesday, October 23, 2012

a whale of a dress

i have a hard time sewing for elliot. as the momma of four girls, i know that if i make a pretty dress for the biggest, my hard work will potentially be worn by three others down the line. and if i sew for girl #2, girls #3 and #4 will benefit. and even if i make a dress for #3, i at least pass it down once. (i realize this concept is so foreign it needed an entire explanation. please bear with me, i haven’t really blogged in a week. i’m rusty.)

if i sew for elliot, though, that’s it. she wears it, and—since the child is growing at an incredible rate of speed—it’s done within mere moments.

but there are certain ideas i get, or certain fabrics i see, that just HAVE to be baby dresses. for instance…

whale jumper-09

whale jumper-05

the string is driving me crazy in this picture. but just as i was obviously too lazy to clip it, i’m now too lazy to go back and photoshop it out. what does that say about me?

whale jumper-15

whale jumper-01










whale jumper-12

many Serious Sewers bewail (ha!bewail” you see what i did there, right?) the lack of decent fabric choices at jo-ann’s. i’ll admit, sometimes i’m one of them. it seems like they’re always a touch behind the times when it comes to trends in fabric design and color. but they’re close, and they’re easy. and sometimes they do get it right. sometimes you find a fabric so cute you can’t help but grab it up.

i also finally broke down and bought myself a ruffling foot. it took me a solid 45 minutes and three separate online tutorials to figure out how to use it.

whale jumper-27

whale jumper-18

but i got it, and i ruffled this little skirt and attached it to the top and made straps and added a little elastic.

whale jumper-17

whale jumper-08

i probably should have done this a few weeks/months ago, during the heat of summer. a baby in a jumper with no shirt?

whale jumper-30

well, in my book that ranks up there with a baby in just a diaper or a baby in just a onesie—i.e. completely adorable. but we can put a shirt underneath for the cooler months.

it needs some work. the bib should be a little smaller, i made the straps way to long, and it needs much bigger white buttons. also, in elliot’s professional opinion, there should be a pocket at the top.

whale jumper-41whale jumper-42

will i return to this style again and correct the issues? hmmm…possibly. although elliot looks doubtful…

whale jumper-21

whale jumper-22

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