Thursday, November 1, 2012


we are here.

yes, i feel a bit like the hoos…we are here we are here we are here!

we made it through relatively unscathed. actually, minus electricity, but completely unscathed.

not so for those around us. our town, and in particular our subdivision, were badly hit.

i’ve never seen anything like it. our neighborhood was built over 60 years ago, and large oak trees planted on virtually every lot.

huge 30’ high old oak trees not meant for the winds of a category 1 hurricane/frankenstorm.

they fell like dominos, tearing away huge swaths of front yard like they were planted in playdoh.

our power flickered and died around 7:30 monday night. i was sitting at my sewing machine (shocking, i know), 5” worth of stitches away from a completed project. it’s okay though—i saved my crochet projects for if/when we lost power. i have my light-up hook, i’m good.

the kids take it in stride. it’s fun for them. an adventure! (no school!) we have a generator from friends who’s power was restored—enough to snuggle under blankets and watch a movie by. enough to use a lamp to cook dinner on my single butane-powered burner.

we ate dinner by candlelight last night, the kids laughing and enjoying the novelty.

there are news vans and reporters everywhere. our house is slated to be electricity-less until saturday night…not that i’m holding my breath. two days ago we were supposed to have power this morning.

today the kids and i headed to the township building to pick up water bottles and MRE’s (Meals Ready-to-Eat). i escaped before the reporters with cameras got out of their vans. the KWY 1060 guy flagged me down though. listen for my blurbs ;) what are you most in need of that you can’t get? COFFFFEEEEEEE.

two cartons of foil packed meals are in my van. chicken fajitas, tortellini in meat sauce, raisins and crackers. now that’s real excitement. pick a flavor? add water and it cooks???

the verdict: yummy.

so here we are: safe, happy. showering at mom-mom’s house and taste-testing our instant lunches.

be back soon.

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  1. So happy to hear you're all safe!

  2. Glad to hear that all is well with your household. I'm curious though, with hindsight is there anything you think you should have done to prepare better? Did you prepare? I've never been faced with a situation like this so don't have a clue what I would do!

    1. hmmm...interesting question. i'll have to think on it.

  3. so glad your home and everyone within it is fine. sorry to hear about the destruction all around you though.

    and not at all surprised you were sewing in the midst of this. of course rotary cutters were in your emergency kit.

  4. glad you made it through ok! And of course you couldn't have finished that seam....darn Sandy! ;)

  5. hey do you have a french press? if you can boil water, you can make coffee! BOOM. better than drip.

    take care you guys, hope your power comes back soon.

  6. so glad you guys are unscathed! Hope you get electricity soon. Sorry about your neighborhood :(

  7. Phew. Wonderful to hear of your good luck escaping major damage!!!

  8. Glad everyone is safe! There are still some in our Hall who haven't gotten power back yet either, but aside from that, there were no major catastrophes. Hope you get coffee back soon!

  9. Glad to hear that you guys are okay and unhurt! In lieu of Sandy I retract all complaints about us getting snow on October 4th. Boo freakin hoo, right? A little snow, some little car accidents, not really any sort of big deal compared to the crazy crazy weather all over the world these last few years.


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