Monday, August 20, 2012


just stopping by to tell you…i won’t be stopping by. ;)

this is the last full week before my kiddos head back to school, and we have one item on our summer bucket list that’s been pushed off until now.


it’s needed in so many ways. after i’m done here i’m headed to collect them all—the ipods, the nooks, the ipads, the remotes.
no tv, no dvds, no wii. no biggie.
no scramble (sorry meg), no instagram, no blog. ouch. that hurts a bit more.

but it’s gotten out of hand—for me as much as the kids. we’re a family (and culture) of overstimulated people. and we need to UNPLUG, at least for a bit.

not gonna lie—we’ve done this before and the first few days are rough. but the benefits are innumerable. because after those first few days we have quiet. and peace. and board games and laughter and interaction. we have real books with the sound of pages turning and fresh baked cookies and time in the sprinkler and artistic creations.

not retreating behind our individual screens.

and i need this. i need…to focus. it can only help.

so thank you for all of your kind words on my last post. i truly, truly appreciate it. it’s more helpful than you can imagine—both the act of opening up and putting the words and emotions out there and knowing people can read them, and hearing and feeling the love and encouragement i get back.

but we’ll talk about that some more next week, because as of right now, i’m the acoustic version of myself—googiemomma unplugged. later gators.

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