Wednesday, August 22, 2012


shhh…don’t tell the kids. here i am, surreptitiously using a computer.

but i need to share.

earlier this week i had a doctor’s appointment—45 minutes there and 45 minutes back all alone in the car. do i turn on the radio? it’s electronics free week…and first i thought YES, because the point of it is to unplug and encourage interaction and imaginative thinking on my children’s part. so me listening to the radio is no part of that.

but then i thought NO. because for ME, the point of it is to unplug and..well, i hate to go all fergie on ya, but be with myself and center. clarity, peace, serenity.
i’ve gotten as bad as--if not worse than--my children…needing constant stimulation. any two unplanned minutes are filled with mindless phone scrolling. i need a clean break to the cycle—force myself to sit quietly for a few minutes and just think.

and it works. really. like any addiction you find yourself bargaining. negotiating—coming up with excuses. ava’s friend is sleeping over. won’t she think it’s odd? should i just let them watch a movie? truth: they haven’t even asked. their time is spent riding bikes and playing elaborate games of make-believe.

i will say this: hands down the toughest two things to do without my phone? waiting in a doctor’s office, and uh—personal bathroom time. tmi? sorry. just sayin’.

see ya next week. ;)
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  1. I hear ya ... I was hoping I didn't have to go for a full week with out the shannonnator :-D Happime


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