Friday, August 17, 2012

oh look, another gif.

are you annoyed by these yet?
yes i admit i may be a little obsessed. but they're cool. and fun to make.

and when i realized i had this series of photos from field day in may...well--come on. they're just perfect, right?

that's miss ava in the center, playing with the GIANT PARACHUTE, which i'm sure we can all agree was The Best Thing Ever in gym.
consider this my way of getting us all excited about BACK TO SCHOOL!

also, my apologies to the unfortunate teacher who's err...bottom is so well-captured in these photos. although, considering she had just given birth to her third baby like 2 months prior--props, girlfriend.

enjoy your weekend! and let me know--which was your favorite? the GIANT PARACHUTE? or are you some kind of weirdo who enjoyed crab-walking? ooh! or whenever you had to wear those colored pinafores made of nylon mesh to show different teams! sooo flattering!
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