Tuesday, May 15, 2012

tuesday randoms

it's a touch early in the week for a random things post, but i felt the need.

o1) well we'll begin with the obvious: do you like the new look? i'd been toying with the idea of switching to a 2 column layout for a while--i like the more simple feel. but i couldn't justify the ton (read: hours) of work it would take to make the changes. then last night i came on the blog too...well, actually, i can't even remember what tiny thing i came on to do. fast forward 2.5 hours later and here we are. my blog is an extension of my personal space--and believe me when i say that the googiedaddy comes home many a day to a completely redesigned living space. change is good.
i do have a few more more tricks up my sleeves--namely doing something to make my header fill the space a little more nicely. but that will wait.

which brings us to...
o1a) all my fancy new icons on the right sidebar there? all tidied up and in one convenient spot: links to lil ole me on pinterest, instagram, twitter, my rss feed, and to drop me an email
another thing i'd been putting off figuring out and putting into use for a while. but it's done, and i love them, and i may have done a little happyhappyjoyjoy dance and patted myself on the back for being The Best HTMLer Ever I Know. (for which there's not much competition, but i'm okay with that. i don't have a good history of winning in competitions with, you know, other competitors (side eye: SYTYC, sewvivor, project run and play reader submissions, etc....) )  
so don't be fooled--i basically go at it on a wing and a prayer, googling what i can't figure out or what i want to change. some say "if there's a will, there's a way", i say "if i can google it, i can do it". which is similar, but has 3 less letters. so it's that much easier to embroider on a throw pillow.
01a subtopic 1) in case you're curious, or feel the need to go poking around in your own blog's HTML all crazy like you're hopped up on $'s and pix and margin widths and you just don't care, and also because i want to thank them, here's where i got stuff:
carrie loves for the media iconsthe cutest block on the block for some tips on customizations
j.s. blogstop for some tips and tricks for customizations

o2) as you may have guessed, my alice in wonderland dress did not win the reader's submission sew-along at project run and play last week. i had high hopes for that one. :( i still love the two izz's who run it though. this week's challenge is "signature look" which gets me all in a tizzy. i HAVE NO IDEA what my signature look is/would be. the best i can come up with is something poofy?

o3) EYES. yes, EYES. apparently we are becoming the family with EYE TROUBLES. at some point last week little miss e poked herself with something in the eye and got a big nasty blood spot. gross, but i was assured it was NBD by the doc. except i guess it got infected a bit and now she has pink eye. and a cold. so there's great green gobs of grossness coming from her eyes, and her nose, and well, that's it. but that's sufficient.
and i'm such a good momma that i couldn't let her suffer alone. plus, if you pretty much say the words "pink eye" to me i'll get it. so between us we have 4 pink eyes, and that makes me think of the dr. suess book (wink eye, wink eye, pink eye, pink eye)


o4) june is officially Summer Sundress Month at melly sews!

30 days of sundress tutorials! and guess who's snagged day #21???

so let's dish: what would YOU like to see? i have some ideas i'm tossing around, but is there anything sundress-tutorial-related i could potentially help you out with???

o4a) june 21st also happens to be my parent's 37th anniversary! any ideas on what i should get them? (besides a rockin' sundress tute, obvs)

o5) if you follow me on instagram you may have seen this:

that's rosie, our roomba, doin' her thaaang. we read the reviews--they said things like "life-changing", "loved it so much i bought one for my parents", and "why don't more people have one of these?". we debated. we took the plunge.

i am here to tell you: this little lady is LIFE. CHANGING. daily we ask ourselves--why don't more people have one of these? (unfortunately, despite o4a, i will not "love it so much i buy one for my parents." sorry.)
for real though--keep your dysons and your hoovers and your whatever. i push "clean", she does her thing, goes home when she's done and/or tired, and my floors have never looked better.

roomba. get one.

you know, or don't. whatev. it's your floor.

o6) also on instagram you would have seen this:

which doesn't really mean anything. it just proves that 3 year olds and unguarded makeup bags don't mix. also, that i live with a weirdo. there's crazy in them eyes.

and it seems as good a way as any to end this post. ;)

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  1. yay two columns! so clean!

  2. I like the clean look, but I have to scroll left to right to see the whole sentence when reading :(

    Love your blog, btw...I got hooked after your feature on YHL :)

    1. thanks for the info blythe. maybe i need to shrink my main column??? hmmmm...

  3. Love the new look and we just bought a roomba and love it also!

  4. hahaha, I love your random posts. Thanks for the smiles!

  5. I just wanted to say that I have no idea why you don't win those competitions! Your stuff is so awesome! With fabulous photos! Not to sound all stalker-y or something, but you rock!

  6. Yo! I would love to see you do a sundress that has smocking incorporated in it. I'm a sucker for a little girl in a smocked sundress. Adorable. Gauntlet thrown down...I'll do it with ya! :)


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