Tuesday, March 20, 2012

a yarny roundup (paid items)

let's start this party off with a good old-fashioned round up!

i've gathered up a bunch of my favorite crochet (and okay, there's some knit stuff in there too!) patterns, products and, well--stuff!

all of this is from etsy, for a couple of reasons:
o1) i like supporting the little guy (or gal!). the personal service you get buying from an etsy seller is one of my favorite parts of the experience!
o2) i've perused the racks of crochet and knit pattern books at joannes. and i've come away...well...a bit less than impressed, shall we say? the stuff you can buy on etsy--for way less money--will blow your mind!
o3) ummm...it was easier for me this way. ;)

the only thing i'd like to ask is that if you want to pin any of these awesome items--please go directly to the seller's etsy shop and pin from there. (just click on the link under the photo) i want them to get the links and traffic! thanks!

now let's get this wagon train a movin'...

charbridge knits
how adorable is this upsy daisy knit hat from charbridge crafts and knits? you can buy the hat already made, or you can buy the knit pattern. the newborn photo shoots with this thing on--adorbs! no, really...do you think i can make all my kids wear this? even in summer? that's how stinkin' cute it is.

desert diamond crochet
ummm...this is a baby snail. A. BABY. SNAIL. desert diamond crochet has tons of hysterically funny and ridiculously cute products. (a crocheted marvin martian hat? come on!) and again, they offer either the finished product or the pattern so you can make your own.

one & two company

one & two company is one of those shops that draws you in and makes you empty your wallet. they have applique patterns that are awesome, a hedgehog pillow pattern that i for realz want to make, and tons more--including the crochet butterfly mobile pattern pictured above.

the sugar shop
"delightfully yummy eye candy." that's the tagline of the sugar shop--and they couldn't be more right. things like the chunky pixie chinstrap beanie pattern above clear through to the ready-to-buy scallop elfin pixie beanie well, let's face it--you visit this shop, you're gonna want a baby.

the velvet acorn
all i could think when i saw the name of this shop--the velvet acorn--was how appropriate it is. the hat and cowl patterns they offer are the perfect blend of natural homey comfort with just a touch of glamour. the paiyton cloche (above) is just one example--the asymmetrical brim and velvet bows? perfection!

sweet crocheterie
anyone who's impression of crochet is as something bulky and thick clearly needs to visit sweet crocheterie. these delicate crochet flowers are called a necklace--but could you imagine them attached to the neckline or hem of a little girl's dress? there's more lovely flower patterns on offer at her shop too!

bonita patterns
 bonita patterns has you covered--literally. head, hands, neck & torso, feet & legs--there's a section of the shop chop full of patterns for each. and the stuff is quite simply gorgeous. in fact i had a really, really hard time deciding what photo to put here as an example. but these booties are pretty much what made me want to learn to crochet. now i need to do this, and this. oh, and this.

all things bright and beautiful
don't know how to crochet but you're looking for a gorgeous heirloom quality crochet blanket? you'll definitely want to check out andrea who just opened a shop with the same name as her blog--all things bright and beautiful. how gorgeous is the color scheme of the stripe bobble blanket above? and she's got adorable beanies ready to purchase in the shop, too!

two girls patterns
the story goes like this: i saw this furrylicious boots pattern from two girls patterns and i HAD. TO. HAVE. IT. and then once i visited their shop...well, there were about five more that i HAD TO HAVE. so be prepared--because this is far from the last time you're going to be hearing about two girls patterns during this yarn it all event!!

killer duck decals
and last but not least--this knit pattern phone skin from killer duck decals. it's so realistic looking that when i first marked it i actually thought it was a knit iphone cozy pattern. but it's not. it's way easier than that--peel and stick. how cool is that?

so that's it! a roundup of some of the coolest of paid items and patterns i could find. of course you know there was a TON more i wanted to include...but you have to draw the line somewhere, right?

stay tuned next week for another roundup of free patterns! but if you're looking for more yarn goodness today why not head on over and see what yarniliciousness kim is serving up???

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