Monday, March 19, 2012

and this is how you find out what a nerd i am.

so you know how sometimes you get an email from another blogger and she’s all hey want to do a super cool blog party with me?     

and you’re all fake humble like ME? lil' ole me??? but inside you’re all YESSSSS! with a super awkward napoleon dynamite fist pump?


just me?

okay, well a few weeks ago kim from bugaboo, mini, mr & me asked if i wanted to help cohost her “yarn it all!” series. and that’s when i went all teenage nerd but still played it cool and was like dude. sure.

so here i am, knees knocking, super excited to say that this is the official opening of the 2012 yarn it all party!


okay, i’m sure you’ve got questions. fortunately, i’ve got answers!     
WHAT IS THIS NONSENSE? it’s two weeks of yarniliciousness. (which is obvs a word)
over at bugaboo mini mr & me (which will henceforth be shortened to just bugaboo because kim—SERIOUSLY. i don’t even bother with capitalization and i’m supposed to type that whole thing non-stop for two weeks???) anyway…what was i saying? over at bugaboo she’ll be sharing lots of yarn projects for the non-crocheters amongst us. i’m certain there’s one or two of you lurking about. back there in the cheap seats?

here at googiemomma i’ll be sharing some of my crochet projects of late. now—let’s just get this out of the way right now: i’m a NEWBIE crocheter. i’m self-taught, i’m a lefty, and i’ve been at this for about 4 months. SO—don’t expect me to be setting the world on fire here. BUT, that said, i’ve fallen in love with crochet and i’m happy to share what i’ve done so far!

WHAT ELSE CAN I EXPECT? oh all KINDS of fun! we’ve got some guest posts, we’ve each got a giveaway, there will be a linky party for you to share what you’ve yarned (also a word), clearly we’ve got new words being added to the english language, round-ups of some cool yarny items—the possibilities are endless! well, until next friday.
then it ends.
but until then—endless!

WHERE CAN I GET SOME SWWWEEEET BUTTONS? why, right here my good sir:

<center><ahref=""><img src="" /></center>

so, your mission, should you choose to accept:
grab the buttons, spread the word, link it up, and crochet or die.
okay, maybe not that last one. but at the very least--stay tuned for some yarn awesomeness. and now, go check out what kim @ bugaboo is up to today!

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