Thursday, March 15, 2012

diy baseball scoreboard artwork tutorial


this project is waaayyy easier than you may think.


you’re going to smudge and smush and fingerpaint your way to an awesome piece of artwork—perfect for a little boy’s room (or a big boy’s room!)



also, a helper.


my mdf board was a leftover piece snagged from the in-laws. it was roughly primed and even had some pencil lines (as you can see in the above photo). i used it as-is. if you have an unprimed board that’s your first step.

imageIMG_9647_8892 IMG_9645_8890 IMG_9648_8893

***if you have a cricut or silhouette or grasshopper or whatever then obviously this would be much easier. but here at the googiehaus we kick it old-school.

IMG_9653_8898IMG_9651_8896IMG_9652_8897IMG_9656_8901IMG_9657_8902 (delta ceramcoat in midnight blue, delta ceramcoat in wedgewood green, folkart outdoor opaque in thicket)

let this dry, and move on…
(jo-ann craft essentials in , apple barrel in bright yellow) IMG_9668_8910 IMG_9669_8911 IMG_9673_8913 IMG_9674_8914 IMG_9675_8915














IMG_9678_8918IMG_9685_8925 IMG_9686_8926IMG_9687_8927IMG_9689_8929 IMG_9693_8933IMG_9692_8932IMG_9694_8934

the last thing i did was take a paper towel and rub different spots. because the paint was not completely dry it acted like light sandpaper, peeling and wearing down different spots.

once it was completely dry i painted all the edges black and used heavy duty screw in eyehooks on the top. it was a kit from walmart that came with the eyehooks, wire, nail and hanging bracket for like $1.50. because this is MDF you don’t want to skimp on the hardware—it’s heavy!

hang it up…



and make a little boy happy! 
 IMG_9799_8793 IMG_9797_8791 IMG_9810_8802IMG_9793_8787

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