Friday, February 3, 2012

friday randoms, again. and googiemomma+

o1) gigi absolutely LOVES peanuts. in the shell.


apparently she cracks them with her toes.

and even though when she gets a bowl it makes a complete huge mess, i can’t seem to help myself giving them to her.
for some reason i find it completely giggle inducing to watch a three year old eat a bowl of peanuts like an old man. (because in my head unshelled peanut eating belongs to old men. and bars.)

o2) i’ve been doing some crocheting. while the kids were sick i got done two hats—one a gift, one for elliot.
next up: the cupcake beanie from all things bright and beautiful (as featured at ucreate)

can you picture that with a big crochet cherry on top? and maybe some embroidered sprinkles????
i’m considering trying this scarf too.

isn’t it pretty?
and here’s the thing—i swore—SWORE—i would NEVER attempt to do a knit or crochet blanket. i know me—i lose interest WAY TO QUICKLY. i can barely sew 4 edges around a fleece blanket without getting distracted.
but this:

a LEGO crocheted blanket? my little man NEEDS this.

o3) in case you’re curious, miss P (from yesterday’s post) came through her surgery well. it’s not the last she’ll face, but it was a big one.

o4) i did the girls’ picture for their room, finally. that post will be up next week.

o5) and finally, miss elliot crawls like a worm. (i think i mentioned that?) seriously. the girl just needs a piece of cardboard and she'll bust a move.

for your viewing enjoyment: the first googiemomma Home Movie Screening

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