Tuesday, January 31, 2012

pride and prejudice

it is a truth universally acknowledged, that a mother in possession of a single son and four daughters must be in want of things to sew for the boy.

truly—this is not because of any lack of love for The Boy, or some lesser status of The Boy.

but let’s face it—girls’ stuff is, well, cuter. and—here’s the biggie (at least for me)—way, waaayyy easier.

i can whip out 20 dresses in the time it takes me to make one suit. but i try, i do. and when i made the girls’ four houndstooth dresses i coordinated my boy too.


one navy and white houndstooth bowtie.



for one crazy, crazy boy. 






and as i mentioned in that post, when it was photo taking time he “couldn’t find” his bowtie. or suit. or sweater.


found it now, didn’t we? took pictures later, didn’t we? turned into yoda, didn’t we?

but it’s all good. i’ll just exercise my matchless photoshop skillllzzzzz…

(cracks knuckles)


whaddaya mean it don’t look natural???

harrison in a bowtie photobomb. coming soon to an internet meme near you.

so there you have it—pride in my son, and his handsome houndstooth bowtie, and no prejudice against sewing for him.

so…does that make me lizzy? or mr. darcy?

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