Monday, January 30, 2012

apple pie

did you see the parade magazine back in november? specifically the one with the apple pie on the cover? the one covered in piecrust leaves?

so, so pretty.

and if you follow their link, it will tell you that if you’d like to make your own version of this pie, well TOO BAD.
okay, it doesn’t really say that. but it does say they used “custom stencils” and that “all lines in the leaves were hand detailed with a knife.”


they do offer links to places you can get some similar cookie cutters, but i made my own version of the pie.


okay, so maybe it’s not cover-worthy. but it was a fun little project ava and i did together.

for an HOUR.

not making the pie, or the crust. just making leaves. for an HOUR.


it’s a pretty dramatic looking pie, too. so that helps take the focus off what it actually tastes like (you case you're at all nervous about your pie-making abilities. not that i am. cough, cough)


if you want to try your hand at a leaf-covered apple pie, we used this:

wilton rose leaf fondant cut & press set. it was $6.99 at jo-ann’s, and i used a 40% coupon.

and this:
the pampered chef creative cutters set—specifically the maple leaf cutter. this was a gift from my sister-in-law, but it retails for $11.00 on their website.


the combo of a maple leaf and rose leaves worked surprisingly well.

of course, my pie can’t hold a candle to the pies ava and gigi did on their own with the leftovers:


i’ll be honest here—i’m not a huge apple pie fan. i prefer berry pies. and mixed fruit pies.
and chocolate. i always prefer chocolate.

so what do you think? what’s your favorite type of pie? and would you spend an hour cutting crust leaves to top a pie?

or would you scrap it all for a nice bowl of chocolate ice cream? :) let me know in the comments.

(oh, and in case you're wondering--my pie was quite yummy.)

pssst--hey, what do you think of my new header? i know, i know...i've been changing things up. a bit often. (cough, cough) but this one might stick. for a bit. hey--i even committed to new buttons. and in the bloggy world, that's practically like we're married.
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