Thursday, November 10, 2011


WHY grey and white striped fabric?

why do you elude me so?

it seems so simple. too simple.

grey. and. white. stripes.

why does the google taunt me with images of grey and white striped fabrics…only to mockingly laugh in my face when it leads me to spoonflower and $27/yard craziness????

WHY do my results say yes, YES! i have the grey and white fabric which you seek HERE now click me click me!

only to find grey and red curtains. or grey and white shoes.
or harmonicas.


i haz the curtainz sadz.

even spelling it “gray” didn’t help.

why, ikea??? you and your swedish post-modern aesthetic…why do you have BLACK and white, RED and white, BLUE and white, GREEN and white striped fabrics.


no grey.

no grey fabric paint, to paint your own. even plain grey curtains—to chop up and cobble together with white curtains like you’re the gepetto scissorhands of curtain making—CAN. NOT. FIND.

i know this is a heavy post for a friday. and i apologize for that. please, for me, try hard to forget about the unfortunate lack of GREYANDWHITESTRIPEDCURTAINS in the world and enjoy your weekend.

googiemomma out. (and by “out”, i clearly mean “out to find 2 pairs of grey and white striped curtains, so help me, even if i have to cross breed a zebra and and…and an ELEPHANT, wait for it to grow, shoot it, skin it, make the curtains and hang them on my windows. by george.)

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