Tuesday, November 8, 2011

five at five, four at three

i love this little one more and more with each passing day.
she is the happiest, most easy-going baby anyone could ask for.
which serves her well as the youngest of five. especially having this maniac for an older sister.
five (elliot) @ five months about 17 lbs
favorite pastimes include: watching her siblings, bouncing in her jumparoo,
and waking mommy at 4 am
farts like a grown man.  
just started food, pretty much loves it.
has her first cold with fever and nasty cough right now :(
thinks she can fly.

four (gigi) @ three years
29 lbs, 36” tall. a little squirt.
favorite pastimes include: playing (tormenting) her siblings, dressing like a princess, painting.
doesn’t much care about food, except for bananas, cheese sticks and chocolate milk.
also has a cold and cough right now. :(
(ahh, the joys of babies and school age kiddos at the same time)
IMG_8127_7259 IMG_8129_7260


the “peace sign” she’s flashing? that’s how she says “i love you” in sign language.

what a nut.
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