Monday, November 7, 2011


a few years ago i taught myself, with the aid of a dvd, to knit. (and, truth be told—the aid of googiedaddy. but i don’t think he wants anyone to know he knits. ruins his manliness score. so, um…just don’t tell anyone. mmkay?)

i’m not a good knitter. i’ve done a few hats, a few scarves.

but i find it satisfying, in a homey winter-pastime little house on the prairie sort of way.
crocheting, however, is another story. i
i could chain. and chain. and c h a i n . . .
but that was about it. and i tried telling myself that it didn’t matter. why in the world do i need to crochet? plenty of people don’t crochet.

but i have this horrible trait. i call it: desire to know All Of The Things. someone else may call it a touch of ADD.
so i gave it another try, and i succeeded. the difference being that this time i googled “crocheting for left handers”. for some reason i have no trouble mentally reversing knitting instructions--but the single hook of crocheting just stumped me.

the other thing that helped (i think) was the yarn i used to start: a multicolor rainbowed thing i grabbed at the dollar store. but the different colors helped me see where the hook and loops and tails and everything were going.

my first project?
a mini scarf.


yeah, even elliot’s not buying it. she’s all whhaaat?**

ok so really, i just crocheted the ball of yarn until it was gone…just to get the hang of it. now i have this awesome rainbowed…tiny table runner?

see—i made it fatter in the center to hold a candle. yup.

although, now that i look at it…it really kinda most resembles some psychedelic multi-hued yarn faux snake skin.


you know, i could probably call it that and sell it on etsy. for like $400.

IMG_8201_7437 copy

moving on…

the girls got in on the action too: ava was dying to learn, but (like her mother) couldn’t seem to get past the chaining part. so she sat and chained…  
                                                 and chained… 
                                                        and c h a i n e d . . . .  making a “necklace” as long as herself.
mommy intervened, and picked up a circle loom kit at the store.

it was an instant hit.


gigi is more of a purist, though. she struggled on with the hook…


she’s very concerned with her yarn remaining untangled, too. and has an interesting solution:


the girls are slowly working away at their hats…


but i’m a bit more…driven, shall we say? (read: i stay up until 1:30 in the morning crocheting furiously by the light of you tube tutorials)

i used this tutorial to make a snoody-type hat, which came out just a touch better than my rainbow brite snake

IMG_8088_7306 IMG_8089_7307 IMG_8090_7308 IMG_8091_7309

i can’t wait for the next storm…i’m all ready to get my crochet on. or maybe my knit on. or maybe my sew on.

because now i know All The Things.

**and just so you don’t worry—i won’t really put this around my baby’s neck. it’s probably a choking hazard.
and by “probably”, i really mean “most definitely”.
come on. i’m not that stupid.

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