Thursday, November 17, 2011

i'm using Capitals, so you know i'm Serious.


it's been One Of Those Weeks.
you know the Ones...where you have giant long lists of Things To Be Done in your head everyday.

and at the end of everyday when you think back on which of those Things To Be Done you've actually Completed...

half finished projects are everywhere. i have no less than five blog posts photographed and waiting for the words to be added. i even have one ready to go, but i haven't been able to pull the trigger and hit "Publish" yet.
it's kind of a heavy subject, and a lot of sharing.

maybe next week.

logic tells me i must be getting something done. i've been running around like a chicken with my head cut off all week.
that is truly, truly a horrible expression.

i've been running around track star training for the olympics? like a 2 year old with a sugar rush? like a dog following a squirrel?

eh. whatev.

i think i may have identified the Source Of My Problems, though. i sat down this morning with my cup of coffee to write up my To Do list for today:

and then i spent ten minutes illustrating it.

because, you know, that's Necessary.

or maybe it's the little one who has decided this last week that the whole Sleeping At Night thing? yeah, not so much. why bother--when there's so much MILKY to drink--five or six or seven times a night.

oh well. at least this rambling has allowed me to say i accomplished One Thing from Today's List:

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