Tuesday, March 1, 2011

really, i’m not bitter.

i know the rest of the blogging world has apparently moved on.

freezer paper and an exacto knife are sooo 2010.

if you want to create a personalized shirt anymore—you bust out your cricut or your silhouette or your whatever personal electric cutter and make lines so crisp and letters so straight you could…
well, i don’t know what you could do. but it would be impressive, i’m sure.

not all of us are there though. some of us still kick it old-school.

sharpie, freezer paper and exacto knife baby.

a blank tee is my canvas, and the world is my oyster.


especially when that blank tee was like $1 at walmart (yes, the tag says $3, but i think i paid $1)

when i saw this quote floating around the interwebs, i knew it would be the perfect shirt for little man…

i’d love to stay, but i really mustache! ("must dash", in case you're like googiedaddy. man has no vision sometimes.) ha! hahaha! that makes me laugh. it makes me laugh in a way that makes my whole belly shake and five probably thinks there’s an earthquake or a tsunami or something.


i took a piece of freezer paper the size of the area i wanted to cover, folded it find the center, and just free-handed my lettering & mustache.

then i cut it all out and ironed the freezer paper down.

hit it with some black fabric paint…


and the big reveal…(i LOVE the big reveal)


to give it a little more something, i used the red fabric paint pen that i used to make little man’s woody shirt and added a bit of crazy detail…


and there you have it. doesn't get much easier than that. no electronic devices necessary.

(and despite his serious face, he actually quite loved the shirt. i guess maybe the whole "mustache" thing requires a more upscale and staid personality than my typical crazy little man)

(he’s twirling his imaginary mustache, can’t you tell?)

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