Monday, February 28, 2011

why yes, maybe i do

it’s done--
my entry for the 7th “season” of So You Think You’re Crafty is posted.

the audition entries are up today. i’m up against 13 other bloggers competing for 10 spots in the competition. all the entries are anonymous, so i headed over to take a look this morning.

oh shoot.

there are some mad skillllzzz over there.

and here i’ve been trash talking all week with another competitor. momma better bring it now.

i’m nervous.

but hey, i figured if i was gonna do this, i was going to stick to doing crafts that met some qualifications. things that i:
a. loved
b. actually had a use for around here

so no matter how many of the ten weeks i make it through (if any!), i’m looking forward to having a blast and getting some projects done around here.

why don’t YOU, yes YOU, my friends/family/anonymous readers head on over to SYTYC and place a vote? you know, vote for the one you think looks like mine the ONE YOU LIKE BEST!!!

click the linky to head thataway…

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