Wednesday, February 16, 2011

whooo, me?

i admit it.

in case you haven’t noticed, i’m a complete pushover for my kids.
especially that little one.

when i walk into the fabric store…well, let’s just say my defenses are already down. and when she starts bouncing in the cart because she sees “whoo-whoo favricks”…you know what’s coming.

1 yard whoo-whoo favricks, in my cart.

although, not to justify or nothin’…but she does need some winter dresses, AND it is an adorable corduroy fabric, AND it was on sale thankyouverymuch.

so there.

anyway…the brown floral/paisley fabric is something i had in my stash. i hemmed and hawed because—truth be told—i’m pretty bad at mixing prints. i think it’s an incredible talent when people can do it well, but i tend to stick with solid color accents. in the bird world, i’m more of a chicken than a wise owl.
but then i decided to just go for it.

a simple a-line jumper…

with a contrast band at the bottom…

contrast bias tape on the neck and armholes…


i cut extra width in the front, which i pleated right in the center before attaching my bias tape. i ironed a little piece of pellon on the backside to help the pleats stay in place.
and since i’ve admitted my troubles with pattern coordinating, can we talk for a minute about those buttons? yup, more pattern. picked by little old me. look at me go, all branchin’ out and whatnot.

i used them again on the two front pockets

the back has a simple zipper, and because i ended up with too much width in the back (it was looking like one of those art smocks we used to wear in elementary school) i threw two darts in on either side… (haha...mental image of me throwing darts at her dress. yeah, i sewed darts in)


i love it. she loves it. enough said.

however…there is more to be said. (of course)

so you know that as soon as i told little bear i was going to take her picture in her whoo-whoo dress, she came running over looking for her spider. i’m not joking.

apparently mommy makes dress + mommy takes pictures = spider time! in her world.

since there were no miniscule spiders to be found, she decided it was time to do a puzzle. i guess little bear’s idea of cooperating during a photo shoot is to assume a hunched over position, thus ensuring no very few good shots of the actual dress.

to wit:
(i call this "are those your knees under there or did you suddenly hit puberty?"

“i all done. time-a do puddle.”

stinkin’ 2 year olds.
“whooo, me?”

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