Wednesday, February 23, 2011

le sigh

you guys...

this pregnancy thing?

it's kicking my butt.

before you say it--nay, before you EVEN THINK it--NO. it doesn't "get any easier" since it's my fifth time. i'm NOT "used to it" by now.

i am counting down the days until this is over. literally.

don't get me wrong--i am amazed every day at the privilege i have of carrying a child.
every kick, every wiggle--it's as fascinating to me as it was the very first time with the very first baby.

reading the developments that occur week by week...sharing them with the other googies...watching them light up when they feel their baby sister kick their hand...feeling their sloppy wet kisses on my belly every night before bed...


but i'm done.

i'm still throwing up.
yup, you read that right. i am officially in my 3rd trimester, and i am STILL THROWING UP.

my back feels like someone stuck a hot knife in it last week. and won't take it out.

i can't walk, i can't move.

 i'm only 31 years old, and only 27 weeks pregnant, and have no major health problems, and i'm looking longingly at those electric carts at walmart. (and may have actually used one at sam's club last week.)

i alternate between sitting with my heating pad and hobbling around trying to get something--ANYTHING--done around the house.

which brings us to point 3:
my house needs a mommy. my children need a mommy. my SELF needs a mommy.

i get the bare minimum done--the largest of the sticky spots are mopped up within a day (or two). the laundry is mostly washed and piled up for everyone to dig out clean underwear. the kids get bathed every other day...or three...or four. everyone eats something a couple of times a day.

but we're going downhill.

88 days.


and in other news...

despite everything i just said, i am perpetually over doing everything. and with that in mind, i am feverishly working on my entry for the next round of "so you think you're crafty?"

cause, you know, what else do i have to do?
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