Wednesday, January 19, 2011

it’s the way we became the brady bunch

i’ve heard of this, but i really only thought it happened in movies.
or sitcoms.

“MOM! we have to dress up like we’re from the 70’s! TOMORROW!”

it’s 6PM.

okay, we can do this.
first, girlfriend girl. fortunately on a recent thrift shopping excursion i had come across an outfit so awesomely vintage i couldn’t NOT buy it. unfortunately it was way too short for girlfriend girl to wear on a regular basis, so it sat in the closet.

but it’s authentic. and it’s one less child i have to make something for. we’ll make an exception for today. one vaguely kate jackson-style hairdo and there she is. copasetic.

marsha marsha marsha!

tiny tim. that hair! she’s a hippie, all the way. grab a ripped pair of jeans from the thrift/mend/scavenge pile and cut the outside seam 1/3 of the way up.


add in a triangle of the most boss vintage-y looking fabric you can find in your stash (thanks patty!)


boom! instant bell bottoms.


top it with some leathery-looking vinyl from your stash done 3 ways: sewn into a makeshift vest and fringed around the edges, braided into a headband, and made into a belt.
long hair parted down the middle…right on baby. now we’re feelin’ the funk.


2 down, 1 to go.

here’s where i falter. you know if i had know about this even a DAY earlier i would have been making the boy a leisure suit. faux creepy ‘stache and all. but it’s a little late even for this momma.

sooo…daddy donates a t-shirt, which receives some late night tye-dyeing.


and more leftover vinyl becomes another fringed vest. what i wouldn’t give for a pair of lennon-esqe sunglasses.

of course, in the morning he decided he just wasn’t that into it. (he is 8, you know) he’d wear the shirt, but that was it. so he was more “sloppy too big t-shirt” and less pinkpolo’d.


major bummer.

all in all though, one far out funky group.

unfortunately momma’s photography skills were sadly lacking this morning. everything came out blurry.

IMG_4525_4193  IMG_4524_4192
IMG_4523_4191_edited-1 copy

not bad for a last minute project.

this momma can keep on truckin’.

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