Wednesday, January 19, 2011

a reality star, a child star and a little bear walk into a bar…

remember when i mentioned little bear’s self-inflicted, oddly “kate-ish” haircut?

yeah, i thought you might want to see that.

after bathtime we did a little hair experimentation.

IMG_4529_4230 kate-gosselin-hair1 

granted, she’s missing the fake tan, the whitened teeth, and ooh-gobs of “work” (ahem)…but still…

ah! she’s even channeling kate’s annoyed expressions!

IMG_4533_4234_edited-1 kate 2



“you paparazzi best get outta my way! i got dancin’ to do! and jon better start paying child support!”

i kid. honestly, i think it’s a real shame the family had to go through such a public meltdown. the continued publicity seeking, however……

anyway, i found it frightening enough. we needed a bang trim. which brings out the other alter-ego.

hmmm…where’s that old dress? a quick hair change and outfit switch into our best 80’s flavor finery



is that? could it be?


michele tanner? aka mary-kate & ashley olsen???



dang it, where IS that scrunchie when i need one?

seriously. how much full house DID i watch growing up? i mean, TGIF was awesome and all…but still…

full house



you know, there was always those rumors about them being triplets, not twins……


“you got it, dude!”


i actually have had a few people mention this one to me. including my DAD of all people! (“you know, she kinda looks like that girl from that show”)

and despite yesterday’s trip through the 70’s, i’m really a girl of the 80’s. i mean, i only made it into the 70’s by 3 days technically.

so it’s not all bad i guess. i mean, the girls—now grown—have their issues. but they are cute still. (except for that weird pursed-lips thing they do in like, every picture)


sooo…any producers out there looking to do a full house remake?

{hand by ear} call me!

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