Thursday, December 2, 2010

it's like raaaaa-eyaaainnn on your wedding day

with the births of all our googies the googiedaddy and i have declined the routine eyedrops they adminster to your newborn immediately after birth.

i'm not trying to start a debate over safe childbirth practices or standard newborn care and procedure....suffice it to say that the diseases/side effects they are "treating" are not an issue for us. and the drops cause blurry vision, which...well, just why? you know, if you don't have to...

anyway, yesterday i had my doctor's appointment. as i knew suspected, i have a raging case of pink eye in both eyes.

the treatment? 10 days of erythromycin 4x a day in both eyes. the same drug i turn down for my newborns.

the doctor said "you'll have some blurry vision, but only for about 15 minutes."


after i put the drops in, i spend about an hour like this:
> <
(those are my eyes)

everything looks like this:

4 times a day.
it's goopy and teary and all i want to do is wipe it out and wash my face. but that kind of defeats the purpose.

you know, basically it's awesome.

so when the little googie currently baking is born, if i see a nurse coming at him/her with eye drops, i just may bite her.

i kid. not.

and that, my friends, is the definition of irony.

dontcha think?
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