Friday, December 3, 2010

let them eat cupcakes

a couple of weeks ago we all went to hear five's heartbeat for the first time. :)
always fun.

afterwards we got cupcakes and went to the park. it was a gorgeous fall day.

i can't believe this little monster just turned 2. TWO!
 did i mention there was cupcakes?


you have no idea how it tortured them to take this shot--"look, but DON'T TOUCH!!!"
 some of us ate the whole thing...

some of us just like the icing...

and leave the rest of the cake for daddy

and believe it or not, some of us just like the cake...

and leave the icing for mommy...

but in the end, there was no cupcake left to be found.

then we burned off some of our cupcake-y energy on the playground.

this is pretty much why i married him.

and i got this as a bonus...

sorry, excess pregnant sappy hormones escaping. :)

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