Thursday, October 14, 2010

lobster tails...cape cod part 2

there are so many reasons to visit cape cod. our family goes every year, late september/early october.

opa gets very...frustrated if anything gets in the way of his cape cod trip. (including a certain daughter who decided to get married on october 24th. that particular year, he left for the cape on october 25th)

one of our must stop places is lambert's.

there's quite a few in massachusetts. the lamberts themselves are related, but each little market is separately owned.

and even though it's not the closest one to where we stay, the one in sandwich, ma is the one i prefer.

it's the one that has lobster tails

layer upon layer of crunchy pastry...

filled with a not-too-sweet pastry cream....

oh my.

lobster tails, people. FORGET the ones in the ocean. you want THESE.

oh, sure, they have other things...
sandwiches i hear are quite tasty...

cape cod chips (of course). and you can visit the factory in hyannis (free samples! yum!)

but really, it's all about the lobster tails.

but all good things must come to an end. and so we head home, but on our way, we stop in mystic, ct, for a slice of heaven.

the downtown area is beautiful, like something straight out of a movie (haha)

of course, when baby bear spied this in the window of a shop:

and yelled "MOMMY", kind of tells you something...

unfortunately, after that it was back to reality.
home again, home again jiggity jig.
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