Wednesday, October 13, 2010

rain, mobsters, thrills & spills...a cape cod tale

ahhh...cape cod in the fall.

so relaxing. and, unfortunately for us this year, so rainy.

that's not to say we didn't have fun anyway.

there was lobster night. a night of terror, in which seven of these crustaceans met their doom.

little man looooovvveeess him some lobsters.

baby bear wasn't so sure about the "mobsters".

keeping a wary eye on the bag

there was much reading done. i got through these two books and can't wait to read the third (thanks to a recommendation from you, miss ana)

(link to sandra gulland's website)

we did much eating, and browsing, and eating, and shopping...and eating....and much sleeping.

there was excitement of course, thanks to these:

a tumble down the whole flight with a nice head bump, followed by much puking, earned baby bear her first head CT. all was fine, however (thankfully)

and our last day and night on the cape were glorious. perfect cape weather--cool, yet warm, breezy and just all around wonderful. we headed to the beach for some play, a fire and an amazing sunset.

followed by...eating.

come back tomorrow for part two of our trip, including what may be my absolute favorite part of cape cod!

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